#RPGaDay2020: Day 1 — Beginning

2020 Info Graphic


Hard to believe we are beginning our seventh RPGaDay Celebration.I would like to thank the man who started it all, David Chapman, and also Anthony Boyd who has been an instrumental cog in the machine for several years.

So, beginning. An apropos prompt on many levels. For me, my mind is focused on the more spiritual aspects of this day and what it means against the roleplaying backdrop.

Besides, I have told my roleplaying origin stories enough times that regular readers probably know it as well as I do.

August 1 is an important holiday for pagans, heathens, and other unsavory folk. Lughnasadh, or Lùnastal as my ancestors would have called it, is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season.

I love the smells of first Harvest, especially fresh cut hay. It is a time when the folk seek the blessings of the gods of the fields.

This got me thinking of the gods and holy days in the context of our roleplaying hobby, especially those of us who lean toward less mainstream religions. Luring one’s players into a holiday festival is an ideal way to inject flavor and nuance into the world you’ve created.

As social creatures, it is through our interaction with others, and our interactions with the holy powers, that defines us in all the most important ways.

It shows who we are as people. In a roleplaying game, that interaction is paramount, and how better to bring it to the fore than by beginning a campaign in the midst of religious fervor and celebration?

It’s an easy way to establish tone and cultural expression, and if you can draw from authentic or reconstructed faith practices, all the better. I find it reaffirming and piquant… and totally immersive.

What a great way to begin RPGaDay 2020! I am excited to see where this year’s celebration takes us and in following along with everyone else’s journey.

— Bob Freeman
Bordermen Games

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