RPGaDay 2020 starts Saturday

2020 Info Graphic

Saturday, August 1st, will begin another 31 day journey through this hobby of ours. That’s right, it’s RPGaDay time again, that amazing blogquest brainchild of autocratik Dave Chapman’s. He, and Anthony Boyd (Runeslinger) have kept this thing alive for six years now and it has been one of the highlights of August for me each and every outing.

You can follow along with me as I traverse this year’s infographic, bravely accepting each challenge the dungeon crawl has to offer. I love the old school map design and am really psyched to delve into this year’s celebration of all things tabletop.

The thing is, it works best when lots of folks are taking part, so I hope you’ll join in the fun. If you don’t fancy blogging or tweeting or what have you, feel free to comment on our daily threads.

Big thanks to David and Anthony and everyone who celebrates gaming all month long.

See you on Saturday!

— Bob Freeman

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