Happy Gary Gygax Day!


Just shy of 42 years ago I began playing Dungeons and Dragons. I started with the Holmes edition, receiving it as a gift for Christmas, 1978. The first D&D book I bought with my own hard-earned money was the Dungeon Master’s Guide, penned by Gygax.


All these years later, it still stands tall as one of the most captivating rpg books ever written. While other books might sport better mechanics or even better artwork (all arguable opinions), but as a literary work, from the standpoint of narrative, there was something special that Gygax delivered with that book.

It meant the world to me then. It means even more to me now, as a player, a Dungeon Master, and as a game designer.

Today we celebrate the man that was instrumental in delivering a product to a public that didn’t realize just how desperately they needed it. D&D has meant so much to so many people, no matter their age, weight, gender, sexual orientation, or skin color.

Today, we raise a horn to the memory of E. Gary Gygax. He was not perfect. He made plenty of mistakes. But he was a dreamer, and he encouraged the dreams of others. For that, and so much more, we salute him.

Thank you, Gary Gygax, from the bottom of my heart.

—Bob Freeman


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