Spine of the Dragon: Session 23 — 2 Halflings Don’t Make a Hole


Two Halflings Don’t Make A Hole


As a Hightower Man-At-Arms entered the room, the Bordermen and their new companions all held silent from their hiding places, but Hightower spotted Prick Knuckleduster at the bottom of the secret stair and the fight was on, and while they were able to take him out easy enough, the dozen or so more presented a challenge.

They essentially split into two groups, with Killian staying on the ground floor alone. Prick led the charge upstairs, with Arthur and Byron on his diminutive heels, while Buck Tennin, Nelson Billet, and Edmund attempted to scale the tower from the outside.

hand of salazarEdmund distracted himself, musing over the history of the Tower. He knew that it had once been a Pitt Stronghold, before their fall from grace with House Wolfe. A religious center, it was said they held an infamous artifact called The Hand of Salazar.

Could this be what the Bordermen had been charged to find?

Before they could even begin to seek out the treasure, at the behest of the princess, they would have to get past the threat of these Hightowers.

The Hightower forces were comprised of Men-At-Arms and Crossbowmen. While House Forrest rangers were expected, none of them materialized. The Hightowers were more than enough.

Prick fell to a critical blow and then Arthur and Byron lost their advantage as the crossbowmen converged, forcing them to retreat back to the ground floor.

Buck fell to his death attempting to climb the keep walls, and Edmund had a rough go of it, narrowly making it onto the upper gangway with Billet’s help.

Arthur, Byron, and Killian were poised for defense, as Edmund and Billet pressed into Hightower from above.

Would they survive long enough to discover the hidden treasure?

to be continued

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