Keep on the Borderlands — Session 20: A Smoking Gun


A Smoking Gun


With a pack of wolves at his disposal, the wizard seemed an insurmountable threat, especially once his magics held Kik-Dos and Sebastian in his thrall, but Sir John fought off the charm, Brukhart seemed strangely immune, and Magnar was out of range.

Earl Thorn BlackmoreThe wolf wizard’s advantage was quickly evaporating, especially once the men of the Cassandra were freed from the spell by their compatriots. Still, the wolves attacked and Sir John was taken down. Sebastian moved against the wizard and dealt him a devastating blow. Before the sorcerer’s wolves tore into him, Pike noticed the House markings on his adversary’s robes — he was a Blackmoor.

Kik-Dos and Magnar used their magics to keep the wolves at bay as Brukhart dealt savage blows against them, but then Kik-Dos was down, and it was a rush to finish off the wolves and seeing to three of the downed party’s wounds.

The felled wizard was healed, but still horribly weak, drug off by the alpha to the storehouse of arcane weapons. The wizard loaded one of the long metal shafts with powder and steel ball, and he took aim at Gnarwald who was busily raising the wounded, but the shaft misfired and exploded in the wizard’s face, killing him, and the resulting conflagration caused barrels of black powder to ignite, killing the alpha wolf as well.

With their foes dead and the party revived, if not weakened, they gathered the strange weapons and pressed on, eager to be out of this deathtrap. They discovered the body of a prisoner, dead some 15 years at least, in a side cell and Sir John was sure it was that of Balthazar the Smith, one of the Heroes of Blackmire.

Kik-Dos was poisoned during the entry into the cell, but he was quickly revived, but he, Sebastian, and Sir John were still hovering near death.

Blackmoor’s hideaway was found, a reclaimed bedchamber that had once housed one of the Heroes of Blackmire. A diary named the villain — Thorn Blackmoor. Blackmoor was looking for an unnamed treasure on behalf of the crown while his brethren laid siege to the keep and kept them occupied.


He mentioned the discovery of the “Blackmire Powder Staves”, but that the “treasure” still eluded him.

Magnar also uncovered some interesting items, such as a book sealed by an arcane focus, while Sebastian liberated a map to some sort of boat wreckage with dragonwing sails.

Pressing on, Brukhart opened the secret door that Sebastian had discovered earlier only to discover an array of statues that came to life when he tossed a goblin head into the center of the room. They were the undead — draugr — and they stood between the company and a set of double doors leading, perhaps, to the treasure they hoped to uncover since they first set foot in this basement crypt.

to be continued

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