Keep on the Borderlands: Session 19 — the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack


Session 19
The Strength of the Wolf
is the Pack


Brukhart Ljunberg was dead, but, Gnarwald the Priest of Frigg, offered hope yet. Leading the company to a ruined laboratory, he used prayer, alchemy, and magic to call Brukhart back from the hereafter. When he breathed anew, the company were in awe of the magic they had witnessed and they had a newfound respect for the healer they’d drug down into the bowels of Skalgrimgard.

GnarwaldIt took a lot out of the priest and he required rest. The rest did the same, and took the time to investigate their inventory, but once the priest was roused from his respite, they demanded answers. How did he know of this place? What secrets was he hiding?

He explained that he was a spiritual advisor to the Heroes of Blackmire and that he had come with them to this place many years before. He had helped set up this laboratory, but had left long before the traps had been put in place.

Brukhart, with newly found vigor, was eager to press on. While his color was more ashen, and his eyes dulled somewhat, he otherwise seemed his old, stoic self, and press on they did.

They passed by the Owlbear Cave, and while Sebastian poked around inside, the others delved deeper through the hand-wrought tunnel. Ahead, they discovered a band of goblins fighting a lone wolf. Magnar cast spells upon the goblins, thinking a lone wolf would be a more apt adversary than a pack of goblins, but as he instigated the conflict, Sebastian had disturbed a nest of fire beetles.

firebeetleGnarwald, still weak from his necromancy, was easy prey for the beetles and the company rushed to his aid. They soon discovered the beetles were incendiary, bursting into flames when pierced by their weapons. Sebastian lost his prized dagger, and both he and Brukhart damaged their swords.

Kik-Dos utilized magic to hold the beetles, along them to be more easily disposed of, then the company returned to the goblin threat only to discover the wolf had been slain. Kik-Dos and Magnar held the goblins in check, while Sir Jon, Sebastian, and Brukhart finished them off.

A crossroads revealed a long escape tunnel, presumably to the outside, and another that curved back deeper into the Keep’s underbelly. They chose to delve deeper.


KrestosAhead, they discovered a large chamber with an array of the mysterious black powder weapons on display. Unfortunately, the room was also filled with a pack of wolves. They fought the beasts, but something was amiss, something odd about them… then they took note of a red robed figure at the rear of the chamber — his arms outstretched, as if he were commanding the wolves…

to be continued

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