Keep on the Borderlands: Session 17 — A Tangled Web


Session 17
A Tangled Web


Navigating the treacherous underbelly of Skalgrimgard — the infamous Keep on the Borderlands — the Ljunberg brothers, Pike, Drake, Sir Foster, and Gnarwald survived the spinning blades that threatened their traversing of the northern crypt after the knight discovered a hidden lever to silence the wicked trap.

Sebastian procured the head of the mutilated Kalibyrne thief for Gnarlwald to call forth its spirit from beyond to answer three questions. They learned that she had come here seeking a great treasure hidden by someone she called The Weaver and that its power was so great as to aide her kingdom to subjugate any threat and unrest.

Garrick the WeaverKik-Dos wondered if this could refer to Sir Garrick the Weaver, one of the heroes of the Battle of Blackmire during the Farthing River War. In 2000 au, exiled House Mercer sought to use the distraction of the border conflict between Houses Hawkmoor and Forrest to retake their ancestral castle, Highmoor’s Seat, in the Earldom of Stewart, but members of the Stewart militia — Balthazar, Garrick, Moko, Wilborn, and Yendor — were able to help thwart their plans and earn knighthoods and lands for their efforts.

Intrigued, they pressed on, but they first need to work their way past the next trapped door. Brukhart devised a plan to open the door by rope, using a spike in the floor for leverage. It worked, however, in the room beyond, Sir Jon Foster triggered yet another trap. Efforts to disable the spinning saw blade that descended from the ceiling proved futile, but a curious beheaded scarecrow in the center of the room drew Sebastian’s attention. Hidden beneath it was the lever to deactivate the saw blade.

spiderBeyond the next door, curiously unlocked, they discovered a room full of cobwebs, thickly corded. The room itself was a library. Although it was obvious several volumes were missing from the collection it was still an enticing find. But this webbed library held more than books — four large spiders, the size of a large dog, scurried along the strands, spitting venom at our heroes, but the spells of Magnar and Kik-Dos halted the creatures, allowing the blades of Sebastian, Brukhart, and Sir Jon to do their work.

Hindered, Brukhart put the webbing to the torch, but the fire raced up the strands, igniting the bookshelves. Desperate, a few volumes were salvaged by Sir Jon and Kik-Dos before all was lost.


Meanwhile, the door beyond, also unlocked, revealed another webbed chamber, two crates, and a padded bench. Not so surprising was another spider, but this one was far larger, filling the room with its magnificence.

Sebastian landed a wicked blow, and additional cuts from Brukhart and Sir Jon ended the fight before it really started. Searching the room, the crates were revealed to contain eight small kegs of a mysterious black powder, while the elder Ljunberg’s discovery of a secret compartment in the bench unearthed a selection of weapons, including a longsword crafted by the infamous bladesmith Uhtred Fox.


Magnar, suspicious of the sulfur-smelling black powder, took up a halberd from the weapon cache and asked Sebastian to pour a small amount of it on the flat of the spade. The priest then carried it into the next room and extended it into the conflagration. The result of the experiment was a resounding explosion.

powderkegThe mysterious black powder was volatile and incendiary.

Kik-Dos called for them to move the powder out of the room at once, fearing the proximity of the burning library might lead to an unfortunate outcome.

Sebastian examined one of the doors on the west wall and opened it to unveil a dusty bedchamber. Moving the black powder inside, the men took a much needed short rest, wondering what further mysteries were poised to be revealed as they delved deeper into the trap-filled crypt.

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