Keep on the Borderlands: Session 15 — “Hostage!”




After a long rest and medical attention, the fellowship gathered to discuss their plans as the Witching Hour approached. It was decided that Brukhart, Magnar, Sebastian, and Kik-Dos, along with Steffan and Cinda Kilraven, would infiltrate the camp of Sir Kelvin Glover and take him hostage, thus ending the conflict before it could begin anew come morning.


Passing through the southern breach of Skalgrimgard, the fellows rappelled down the defensive cliff into a sparse pine wood. Making their way forward, they began making their way through a surrounding thicket, intent on the Glover/Lord campsite.

Kelvin GloverThey spied the four war leaders — Antwon and Tamara Lord, Kelvin and Herron Glover — awake and conversing around a fire, with few guards on watch and several yards away.

While Sebastian crept forward to get the drop on Sir Glover, the rest of the party seemingly forgot the plan. Kik-Dos made for the thinnest part of the thorny defenses, followed closely by Brukhart, while Magnar held back.

Steffan KilravenThe Kilravens crept up to the head of the camp, where the guards were posted and where the remnants of the Glover men-at-arms were sleeping in their tents. Thinking to keep an eye on them while the rest of the party took care of business, Cinda inadvertently triggered a subtle alarm, rousing the camp.

This would have played to the fellowship’s advantage had they stuck to their original plan. Hearing the alarm, Sir Kelvin entered his war tent, alone, while his sister Herron and the Lords went east to investigate.

A battle ensued as Kik-Dos and Magnar began harrying the host with magics that froze them in their tracks allowing Brukhart to cut into them and bathing the campsite in blood. Steffan was likewise dropping Glovers right and left, but, unfortunately, his sister did not fair as well, falling dead on the bloodied snow.

The Lords and Herron Glover were kept off guard by the fellowships attack, but the battle mage was able to shrug off their spells. Meanwhile, Sebastian had cut his way into Sir Kelvin’s tent, attempting to subdue him, but the knight was a skilled combatant and harried the seadog. Eventually, Kik-Dos arrived to help, but the whole thing had gone horribly south.

Eventually, all parties were gathered around the war tent. Sebastian, on his last legs, narrowly held Sir Kelvin at dagger point, while the Ljunbergs and Steffan Kilraven gathered for support.

Antwan LordKik-Dos had magicked Tamara Lord, and looked to hold her hostage, but he grew to confidant and attempted to cast on her hot-headed brother. Antwon Lord, shrugging off the seadog’s spell, rushed forward and felled Kik-Dos.

Brukhart came forward threateningly, but Tamara Lord, with her wits returned, stood tall against the warrior’s advance.

Once more, a stand-off ensued. Kik-Dos was dying, so the elder Ljunberg snatched Drake up and rushed him to Magnar’s side, where the priest stabilized him and resturned some measure of health back into his battered body.

Meanwhile, Sebastian held true, and negotiated Herron Glover and the Lords’ surrender and retreat, holding Sir Kelvin as hostage against any trickery on their part. Glover’s ransom would be discussed at a later date. Sir Antwon Lord, now in sole command of the invading force, called Blackmoor’s Light Cavalry in from their encampment to the west and they all, begrudgingly, marched north, far and away from Skalgrimgard, the Keep on the Borderlands.

As they made their way back to Skalhalla, news that reinforcements from Hawkmoor and Wolfe would soon arrive fell on most welcome ears.

to be continued in two weeks

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