Spine of the Dragon: Episode 15 — “Double Threat”


“Double Threat”


4 Ostara

Recovering from their injuries in the Seven Scepters Inn, Arthur, Edmund, and Byron examined several parchments they had procured in their recent misadventures. Chief among them was a map of the White Wyrm’s Lair in distant Crescentar, and a contract between the Thornskull Collective and Inigo Highmoor, the wine merchant, but there were other names as well, those of nobles from the Quintarum Empire.


The chance discovery of an ancient lamp, most likely of Wardruna craftsmanship, led them to search their room thoroughly. They discovered odd carvings on the desk, vials of poison and antidote alongside a dagger, and a “spyhole” overlooking the stair.

Now rested and ready, the Bordermen decided to head downstairs to look in on the Duke and his entourage. In the hall, Arthur took note of an elderly noblewoman, and Togo became distracted by something at the door across from them. The Bordermen continued downstairs, but Togo was intent on returning to the door that had sparked sad emotions on his part. Byron and Arthur returned with Byron’s animal companion while Edmund agreed to grab them a table and order some food.

Arenth Morgan

At the top of the stairs they came upon a mysterious figure clad in black robes. He bowed to them and returned to his room at the head of the stairs. Continuing on, they knocked at the door across and were greeted by Arenth Morgan, who was tending to his severely wounded sidekick, Galen.

Byron used his Purple Lotus to rouse Galen from death’s door, then Togo growled at something behind them and Arthur turned to see the mysterious man sneaking down the hall toward the noblewoman’s chamber.

Curious, they searched Arenth’s room and discovered a “spy hole” looking into the adjoining room and there they saw the mysterious figure in the act of murdering the woman. They burst into the room to confront the villain, discovering he had cracked open the woman’s chest cavity and removed her still beating heart.

Byron, standing at the door, caught sight of another figure at the head of the stairs. It was the murderous villain they had cornered in the room. They were one and the same, these two figures. This doppelganger continued down the stairs as a battle ensued in the room of the dead noblewoman.

heart-png-real-4The woman’s corpse was animated and had grappled Togo as he sought to attack the roguish mage. The mage in turn took control of Arenth and used him to attack his comrades. In the conflict, Arthur was finally able to end the villain’s life, but, unfortunately, Byron was forced to kill the mind-controlled Morgan. Galen was distraught and vowed that Byron would pay for his actions.

Meanwhile, an emissary from House Locke entered with news about Whitemane forces seeking to establish a staging point in the Borderlands at Skallgrimgard. That was when the other mage launched his attack. Shouting “Mortainne sends its regards”, the mage magically held several of the Barons, and sought to skewer the Duke by using the Locke messenger as his puppet, but the Jarl Thorinsson was quick to behead the magicked assailant.

This is when Sir Nicholas Saddler, Advisor to Baron Rastus Pillion, made his move, killing a Hawkmoor sentry, then wounding Sir Garrett Mark. Edmund came to Garrett’s aid, killing the turncoat, but the mage used this distraction to escape upstairs where he ran into Byron and Arthur. Attempting to flee out the window, Arthur cut the mage down and returned to the Inn with the body.

Duke Uthric HawkmoorDuke Uthric Hawkmoor, emboldened by their heroic acts, called the Bordermen forth and began a knighting ceremony as a reward for their service. Arthur, however, interrupted the Duke’s rite, talking over his uncle’s oration and depositing the mage’s body on a nearby table. The Duke was not pleased. He continued the ceremony, chastising his nephew, and knighting Byron and Edmund, then charged the three of them to travel north, to the Keep on the Borderlands to ferret out Whitemane’s ambitions there.

He added that, perhaps, Arthur would temper his attitude and become worthy of a knighthood of his own.


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