Keep on the Borderlands: Session 14 — “Blood Will Have Blood”




The sounds of battle echoed across the spring-kissed hill country as Wolfe, Hawkmoor, and Pox Macchia forces aligned against those of Whitemane in defense of Skalgrimgard, the infamous Keep on the Borderlands that loomed above the long shadow of the Caves of Chaos.

Houses Glover and Lord assaulted the Keep at two breeches created by their mighty trebuchets.

Marisha MercerTo the south, Marisha Mercer, daughter of the fallen King Torin of Pox, led the defense against the invading infantries of Markus Glover,  and Garik and Kellan Lord, and the Knights of the Black Spur led by Ragan Blackmoor. Mercer was complimented by a host of liberated conscripts and auxiliary men-at-arms from Houses Black, Kilraven, and Trask.

The Skal Road was littered with dead, and when the smoke cleared and both sides retreated to lick their wounds, it was the Pox and their allies hardest hit, their numbers greatly measured against the pale.

Antwan LordTo the north, from whence the call for truce resounded, it was a different story, as the Ljundberg Brothers, Brukhart and Magnar, and the Seadogs of the Cassandra, Captain Sebastian Pike and Kik-Dos Drake, commanded the forces of Ulster Black against Antwon and Tamara Lord ‘s Swornswords and Korine Glover’s Shieldraiders. The Glovers were complimented by a Warmage, Lady Herron Glover, and a unit of shock-troops that stormed the north wall.

The fighting was brutal as bodies began to pile up in heaps that hindered movement. Magnar and Kik-Dos weaved magic in defense of the line, while Brukhart cut a path of destruction through the invading forces. Sebastian, hoping to end the fight and save as many of his allies as possible, challenged the Honorable Antwon Lord to a duel, but as they battled, another unit arrived led by the High Commander of the Whitemane Expeditionary Force, Lord Kelvin Glover.

Korine GloverSebastian got the better of Antwon, felling the swordsman, who asked for quarter. Seeing this, Lord Kelvin called for his forces to retreat, but the Skalgrims, tasting blood, were not satiated and Brukhart cut down Captain Korine Glover, who had been held by his brother’s arcane spellcraft.

Fighting renewed and Sebastian was snared by Herron Glover’s magic, while Glover forces inside Skallhalla captured Ulster Black. A well aimed arrow from Brukhart freed Sebastian from the spell that held him and he used this advantage to take Antwon Lord hostage.

The blood toll was heavy and Kelvin Glover once more negotiated a respite in the conflict. Terms were agreed to and the Glover horn resounded across the vale. Sebastian released his hold on Lord and Gibrand Glover, a man-at-arms who had taken Ulster Black released his captive as well. The Skalgrims inside the Great Hall cut him down as he sought to return to his brethren.

As both forces collected their dead, licked their wounds, and prepared for the battle to begin anew come morning, news of the Skalgrims dishonorable act did not sit well with the Whitemane War Counsel. But the Borderlanders were weary of the game. They gathered in the ruins of Skalhalla, and began to formulate an even greater deceit…

to be continued

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