Spine of the Dragon: Session 13 — “War is Bad for Business”




With the Saddler’s Wallow Great Hall in flames, Edmund found himself trapped between conflagrations on the south stair, Byron was in the main hall, and Arthur was engaged with what they assumed was the last of the assassins. Edmund craftily freed himself from his fiery entrapment and he and Byron bolted for the south door, while Arthur felled the assassin then answered the cries of Baroness Viands, who had earlier escaped out the north window.

Baroness Layla ViandsShe breathlessly explained that Jarl Thorinsson and Prince Kilraven were lying unconscious outside and Duke Uthric had been taken prisoner by murderous cutthroats and drug off into the sewers beneath the frontier city.

Arthur sprang into action. Aided by Galen Morgan, they attempted to follow the kidnappers but it took several attempts to raise the cover that led into the sewer.

Lady Kora Stewart PillionMeanwhile, hearing the calls for help, Edmund and Byron sprinted north, noticing, however, Edmund’s sister, Lady Kora Stewart-Pillion and Sir Nicholas Saddler slinking away suspiciously down a side alley as the rest of the bannermen and guardsmen congregated around the site where the Duke had been seized.

Moving hastily down the sewer ladder, Arthur and Galen confronted two sentries underground and took the battle to them. Byron and Edmund followed soon after and the sentries were dispatched. They then proceeded on the trail of the missing Duke.

The party stumbled upon an old hermit dressed in Isolaire College robes and bearing a silent Treskeggmal Staff. He healed Arthur’s wounds in exchange for food and the Hawkmoor returned to the hunt.

The Bordermen confronted several Fisher bowmen protecting a couple further in. This mysterious couple fled as the Bordermen engaged and dispatched the archers. Racing after the fleeing man and woman, Edmund was attacked by a Crescentian assassin, one of the Thornskull Collective. As Byron entered the fray, the Crescentian seemingly vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving them all baffled.


Edmund pressed on, coming upon two more Thornskull assassins. They were defending the mysterious couple, while an archer, bearing the colors of House Forrest, held Duke Uthric.

Stepping forward, the mystery man spoke with a clear Highmoor accent, though Edmund did not recognize him. He explained that the Duke’s declaration of war was bad for business and thus he would have to be eliminated. There was a desperate need for a return to normalcy, and that could only be accomplished by snuffing out the Duke’s dangerous politics.

While this was going on, Togo sniffed out danger where the assassin had disappeared. Investigating, Byron uncovered a secret door in the floor. Opening it, he and his wolf confronted the assassin and ended his threat.


Meanwhile, the Thornskull Collective attacked Edmund. He kicked the first over the edge of the platform, depositing him at the feet of Arthur who, with Byron’s aid, finished him. Edmund felled the other assassin as he and Byron confronted the Duke’s captors.

Threatening to toss the Duke in a pit, the Bordermen were faced with a difficult situation with no time to formulate a plan. The fate of Hawkmoor hung in the balance of their next act.

to be continued


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