Keep on the Borderlands: Session 10 — “Missing”



“Kobolds are craven reptilian humanoids that commonly infest dungeons. They make up for their physical ineptitude with a cleverness for trap making.”

owlbearThe party, spread out across the canyon floor, were harried. Their adversary, a brutal and vicious owlbear, whom they had waked from its hibernation, was magically held by the mage from House Haftspeare, Quentin, but as the party struck out at the beast, it was roused from its enchantment and ready to extract its revenge against them.

Quentin reached out to quiet it once more by spell, but to no avail. The mage held his ground, not wanting to put anyone else in danger, and he paid the price, as claw and beak tore into him, leaving him tattered and unconscious.

cubeHaftspeare’s companions tried to come to the mage’s aid, peppering the beast with arrows, as Sebastian courageously advanced on the monster, but the owlbear had had enough and sought to carry his kill back toward its lair. The wounds the owlbear took were making the creature desperate, however. It bolted for the cave entrance, staggered and bleeding profusely. Looking back at its pursuers, the owlbear failed to notice the entrance blocked by the Gelatinous Cube. It dropped the mage as it was consumed by the acidic slime monster.

Pax Willem

Rushing to his side, Willem bound Quentin’s wounds and gave him an herbal drink that roused the mage to consciousness. They briefly flirted with returning to the caves to search for treasure, but the Cube was too aggressive.

torin mercer

They abandoned the plan and returned to camp, intent on rest and recuperation before returning to their mission — tracking down the corpse of King Torin Mercer, recover the treasures held by their fallen comrades, and see to the destruction of the Horn of Heimdal in the so-called Dragon’s Breath.

Daphne deWinterAs they searched the campsite, they realized that Daphne deWinter, the woman they had rescued from the Caves of Chaos, had stolen one of their horses and fled. More worrisome, however, was finding Sebastian Pike’s shipmate missing.

Chieftain Horde was nowhere to be found.

Brukhart used his considerable tracking skills to pick up the big man’s trail, which led to a low cave to the north. There they discovered a host of Kobolds hiding in the tree cover who began savaging them with arrows.

After a brief exchange of ranged weapons, Magnar and Quentin magically held several of the guards while the rest slipped into the cave, only to invoke even more kobolds, eventually drawing dozens of them into combat.

Navigating past a pit trap, the party fought their way east, while Sionen Raye of Pox Macchia picked up Chieftain’s blood trail that led, suspiciously to a cavern wall…

to be continued

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