The Keep on the Borderlands: Session Four — “Swift and Deadly”


Session Four
“Swift and Deadly”

It is said, “Orcs may have hordes, but Hobgoblins have armies.” But even the best soldiers can be caught flat-footed as the Brothers Ljunborg and the King of the North proved as they passed swiftly and decisively through the Hobgoblin lair.

Confronting two sentries, they made short work of the first as the other fled deeper into the Caves of Chaos. In pursuit, another bevy of soldiers were encountered in a guard room, and again, despite some harrowing, but brief moments, they were readily dealt with.

Having overheard the goblin word for treasure, the party pressed on, coming to a locked door. Paavo, being both injured and low on stamina, removed the trap and picked the lock, allowing his compatriots to lead the way.

dragon helmInside, they found an armory guarded by three Hobgoblin sentries and the escaping goblinoid who had come to warn them of intruders. The party’s swift actions kept them from sending word for assistance and they paid for their indecision. With the sentries dealt handily with, they looted the room for fresh supplies and split the treasure amongst themselves. A mithril helmet that Brukhart recalled from a tapestry in Hawkmoor Hall was found in a treasure chest alongside some other fanciful weapons. Believed to be little more than a child’s bedtime story, it was an Alfarian Dragon Helm that he donned, along with a suit of chain mail.

Meanwhile, Rune discovered a secret door, and after Paavo secured safe passage by eliminating the trap there, they pressed on, catching another group of sentries off-guard. Another battle quickly ensued but passingly quick.


Through another door, they learned that word had just reached the Hobgoglin Warlord, Vadrala Gnavash, who was breaking furniture in outrage that her lair had been infiltrated and no resistance had been organized.

Distracted, the party rushed, quickly dropping a few of her trained bodyguards, but then they began to regroup, moving to protect their leader. Swift and deadly, they brothers had entered, but the winds of change were blowing, as they realized the true test was about to begin…

to be continued


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