No Quarter: The Bordermen Society

The Oak Hill RPG Club are finally beginning our No Quarter Medieval Authentic Campaign. It has evolved considerably since its inception several years earlier, not the least of which is splitting the Club in two and running two separate games a week — both set in the same world, with each group influencing the other by their actions. It should really ratchet up the political intrigue.

One of the more exciting aspects of the Campaign is the utilization of the dFEAT System™ created by us at Bordermen Games. There’ll be no traditional leveling up of characters, instead focusing on gaining skills and feats to denote progress.

We’ll be posting more about that at a later time, but for now, we thought we’d show off  this DM player hand-out showcasing the Bordermen Society vow.

Bordermen Vow

The Bordermen Society is a Martial Order established in 129 AU — 1,891 years before our heroes’ adventures begin. The Society was chartered by High Queen Cassandra I after the death of her husband, Prince Arthur Mordren, who was killed by bandits on the road between Highmoor’s Seat and Mareston.

The Bordermen, based in Lodges across the more rural and backwoods areas of the Kingdom of Darach-Tor, patrol the long stretches of roadways and trails that are far from the reach of civilization.

One of our games will be made up of three newly christened Bordermen, stationed at the “Winds of Thor” Bordermen Lodge at the base of the Spine of the Dragon, a mountain range that separates the Earldoms of House Stewart and House Morgan.

Regular recaps will be posted as both games progress. The “Spine of the Dragon” Campaign begins January 9th and will feature Connor Freeman, Aaron Hurst, and Rodney Transier. The “Keep on the Borderlands” Roll20 Campaign begins January 13th and will feature Steve Congdon, Mike Duncan, Connor Freeman, and Shaun Keenan. Bob Freeman will be DMing both groups.

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