Bordermen Games

Bordermen Games Logo

We’ve been playing games for more than forty years. In those years, we’ve also created our fair share. We are writers, artists, designers, playtesters, and more. Our interests are in RPGs, Tactical Wargames, Classic Boardgames, Miniatures, and Card Games in multiple genres.

We have been developing and testing The Occult Detective Roleplaying Game for a number of years and look to release a version of it to the public in 2020.

We’ve also designed a Duel & Joust game that we’re also hoping to release soon.

Our biggest project is designing a miniatures-oriented RPG for an established intellectual property that will be taken to kickstarter in 2020.


We also design t-shirts, sold exclusively through Amazon, the majority of which are gaming related. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for a gamer in your life, our designs will not disappoint.



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