Paint it Black: An Occult Detective RPG Casefile / Chapter Two



Chapter Two: The Demon’s in the Details

“Who dares disturb my slumber?” The creature asked as it rose from the sarcophagus. Expecting an undead abomination, painter Arthur Godson and reporter John Winslow were surprised to see a young woman standing before them.

The woman had runes tattooed upon her face, and she radiated an aura that seemed to unsettle the investigators. Clearly, she was trying to control with some kind of magic, but Arthur and John were beyond such tricks.

Understanding this, the woman asked if she could help them, having incredible skills at finding things. The two informed her that they were looking for a woman named Maddie Blake, whom they believed had something to do with a terrible murder (they kept it to themselves that the victim was the Archangel Cassiel).

The woman said that she knew nothing about Maddie Blake, but claimed that she could help them locate her…for a price. The woman said that she was bound to room that they stood in, and could only be free if they escorted her out. Both Arthur and John smelled trouble, and decided to leave, but not after Arthur reached into the woman’s mind and plucked valuable information from her head.

It was a strange ability, even if his claims about being an angel were true. All the same he learned that very few people other than Landon Connors could control the wards on the house (thus initiating the lock-down at present). Among those people were Alethea Hill, Brooks Autry, Micheal Hawks, Father Francis Rainy, and…Ashton Connors.

Meanwhile the other half of our unlikely team was investigating a number of other rooms in the basement. John’s partner Liam Diggle uncovered a diary written by none other than Ashton Connors himself, which began to make more sense when Dr. Neil Gruber and Dan Remington (self employed) uncovered the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage and used it to help understand the diary. Apparently Ashton Connors had been practicing Angelic Calls, and possessed a level of intellect that surpassed many of the worlds greatest magicians.

Slinking off, Bastien Moreno-Calderon uncovered a summoning chamber and a number of others rooms further down the hall, which he and the others began to explore as Arthur and John arrived to help everyone pool their information.

Onward they pressed, eventually coming upon a large chamber with a binding circle at its center. Lying in the circle was, to all appearances, Cassiel’s dead body, which they had left upstairs. After quite a bit of investigation, Bastien noticed something in the corner of the room, hidden to the prying eyes of mortals.

It was a stone chair in the shape of a hand, and when Bastien threw something at it, Maddie Blake appeared in it. She had been hiding in the Otherside, though her throne was still visible to Bastien’s keen senses. At last, the group would have answers.

Maddie explained that the girl in the binding circle wasn’t Cassiel at all, only her mortal doppelganger, Cassie Eltzroth. Maddie knew that the Archangel would be drawn to her look-alike, and so she laid a trap in order to kill Cassiel and remove her from the painting upstairs. With Cassiel gone from the world (and the painting), Maddie could steal the sigil that the angel had obscured from the painting, allow her to control all creatures except Archangels.

And now Maddie gave them a choice, leave now, or die. Dam picked option number three, and took a number of shots at the woman, who transformed into a great, red skinned demon.

With such a foe at hand, Bastien revealed that he was in fact another angel, and conjured his flaming sword to combat the beast. Arthur withdrew his canesword, which also ignited, and the two lashed out with all their strength, easily felling the demon.

But the fight wasn’t over, as the demon’s essence sailed about the room, attempting to possess Dr. Gruber, whose nature as a Light Magician allowed him to resist the creature. The fiend turned on Dan, who also resisted the possession attempt, though Liam wasn’t so lucky.

The reporter had been possessed, but thankfully John Winslow arrived to save his partner, delivering a book about exorcism into the parties hands, allowing them to pass it around, each one of them doing their part to banish the spirit.

With demon removed from Liam, Arthur took on his true form in order to kill the thing. Dark, scale covered wings unfurled as a great, horned creature…a fallen angel, glided towards the demon and struck at it only once, sending it back to the Nevermore.

Arthur re-assumed his mortal guise and checked to make sure Liam was alright. After that, he said: “Ah, I fear our adventure is only just beginning. A demon couldn’t do all of this, only a Magician could. I wonder if Ashton Connors is behind this…”

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