Paint it Black: An Occult Detective RPG Casefile / Chapter One



Chapter One: Blood and Thunder

Our story began with a press release, sent out across the internet, to be found in the inboxes and social media localities frequented by the protagonists of our tale.


Arthur Godson — The Painter of Light
to Exhibit His Art at Caliburn House

WABASH, INDIANA – October 1, 2019, / – Award-winning artist Arthur Godson’s Fantasy Realism series “Gates of Heaven” will be the subject of an art exhibition at Caliburn House in Wabash, Indiana. Arthur Godson is an international artist who is known for his dynamic and colorful oil paintings depicting his unique visions of the Afterlife and the Heavenly Realm. Caliburn House, home of noted philanthropist Dr. Landon Connors, selected Mr. Godson’s consecution to be the first in a series of exhibits to be held in the waning months of the year.

Caliburn House Representative Alethea Hill said, “We are thrilled and honred to have the opportunity to showcase Mr. Godson’s art. Dr. Connors owns several original works and those paintings will be displayed alongside the artist’s “Gates of Heaven” series.”

The “Gates of Heaven” exhibit will open on October 30, 2019, from 6-8:30pm. Admission is FREE, though donations to the Mycology Research Fund will be accepted (and encouraged).

Caliburn House is located at 208 W. Hill Street, just west of the Wabash Carnegie Public Library. For more information, visit

Security will be provided by Brooks Autry and Associates.


Gathering at Caliburn House to meet the celebrated “Painter of Light” Arthur Godson (Connor), amongst an array of peculiar and eclectic attendees, were reporters John Winslow (Shaun) and Liam Diggle (Rodney) of the Hoosier Historica, paranormal adventurer Dan Remington (Aaron), Merz Apothecary’s Dr. Neil Gruber (Steve), and the dark and mysterious Bastien Moreno-Calderon (Mike).

The throng were greeted by Alethea Hill, Dr. Connors’ personal assistant, and the head of security, Brooks Autry.

Of interest to these five was a particular painting — Cassiel and the Opened Door — due to the hidden sigil within it, that of John Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth, reputed to be an instrument for controlling all creatures except for Archangels.

Bastien, secretly one of the angelic host, also recognized Cassiel in the painting as being an authentic representation of the divine one. An archangel, Cassiel had been missing for several decades.

As everyone hovered around the parlor, Bastien set out to investigate the house, meeting on Maddie Blake, a housekeeper on loan from the Honeywell Center. She remarked that he resembled a figure in a painting on the second floor and Bastien set out to see it for himself.


Meanwhile, after a brief interview, Godson began to explain the evolution of the Opened Door painting, but his oration was cut short by a scream from the foyer. There, a woman was found murdered, cut down by some form of unnatural instrument that cauterized the wound after delivering the lethal attack.

Upon closer inspection, they realized the victim was none other than Cassiel herself.

Autry gathered the majority of the guests and held them in the dining room after it was discovered all exits were sealed and cell reception was blocked.

Perplexed, our protagonists knew that killing an angel was no easy feat, not even on the material plane. Whoever, or whatever did this, had to be powerful and armed with an enchanted weapon of frightening lethality.

It was also discovered that an item Diggle had become intrigued by, an ancient dorje, or Tibetan Thunderbolt, was also missing from the foyer.

Diggle, Godson, Gruber, Moreno-Calderon, Remington, and Winslow, at Ms. Hill’s behest set out to explore the house, hoping to find a clue to the assassin’s identity. Learning the housekeeper was now missing as well, they made discovering her their priority and deduced she could only have entered the basement unawares.

Descending into those dank depths, it was Godson and Winslow who came upon a frightening creature — some form of undead who had risen from an Egyptian sarcophagus.

Who dares disturb my slumber?” it asked as it sat up from its eternal rest.

And thus concluded the first chapter of our playtest.

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