Episode 4: Gunfight in the O-H Corral


Gathering themselves after crashing through the barn in their runaway mining cart, the Oak Hill Gang were a man down. While OeeoeeO was killed outright, Tausin lay unconscious as Louis and Butcher, along with Jack and Shady, and new recruits Jesse and Gracie Law, faced off against Angus McGregor and his Missouri Mudslingers, a band of ruthless bounty hunters out to help Angus get revenge.

The gunfight was fast and furious, and while Gracie fell, the boys were ultimately victorious, though several were wounded pretty good. They managed to free their old pal Bo Jack and they believed things were looking up for them. Of course, that could only mean things were going to get a lot worse, especially when old man Lovecraft showed up and transformed into a gigantic tentacled beastie.

A clever use of explosives and a gatling gun saved the day, but left the gang vulnerable to the sheriff and the mayor’s men who were allied to the horrific cult deep in the silver mine. Another gunfight ensued and the gang laid their adversaries to rest.

As the United Brethren congregation gathered, they asked for help in recovering the town from evil. They snatched up Tausin and slinked back to the Longbranch Saloon, taking proprietorship of the lace after Sven turned out to be a lizard man, and they began to drink their aliments away and discuss how they were going to eliminate the cthonic threat that held Smithhall in its grip…

to be continued?

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