Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 64: The Court is Adjourned

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode LXIV
The Court is Adjourned


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & Bob the Dungeon Master


This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

The cold is bitter and severe, but the camp fire offers solace against the supernatural advance of winter. Here the Hellblazers are gathered, hatching their plot against the horrific enemies that threaten their adopted home and the world at large.

To the east stands Castle Katsella, a Red Wizard Outpost, ever watchful of the Stahlkrahe border. From the glistening battlements, the Dran Sisters stand in service to a new master, the newly resurrected Heron Durathor, former overlord of the Stahlkrahe Empire, who now commands the remnants of the Courts of Thule and those Red Wizards who have bowed before him. Akkamas had traveled to his northern homeland to rouse his Tavastarii kinsmen against the Winter Court, but as they fell, and Durathor, their old taskmaster, had risen to fill their void, the conflict became even more prescient.


Akkamas harried the Thulasians, and the battlefield was littered with the bodies of near countless combatants, friend and foe alike. The tide was tipping toward Durathor’s favor however, until a strange, perverse craft fell from the sky and the Hellblazers crawled out from its wreckage. Tasked to put an end to this resurgence of evil, now allied with their bitter foes, the Hellblazers, reunited, marshal themselves against the horrors they are about to face and the bleak preternatural winds from across the Trackless Sea and the arctic shores of Drakkarsys.

Clawing their way out of the wrecked “star-ship”, the Hellblazers found themselves in the north, having landed near the last bastion of the Winter Court. Greeting the weary adventurers was Akkamas, who was camped outside of the castle with the remnants of his guerrilla warriors.


Nearby, Heron Durathor hatched his evil schemes, aided by powerful allies — the Dran Sisters —the white dragon Vyrmagog, son of Vyrmagoth, — and the blue dragon Eshaedra, who had been summoned to deal with the Hellblazers.

After a lengthy discussion, the Hellblazers came up with a plan: Using the more persuasive members of the party, and little bit of magic, they would attempt to get the Dran Sisters to betray Durathor. Using Abraxas’s Well of Magical Secrets, they learned exactly how to manipulate the sisters.

mirrorAbraxas (the self proclaimed Lord of Mirrors) called forth an expensive silver mirror via a magical portal connected to Waterdeep. Using this mirror he was able to scry on Portentia Dran, the least nefarious of the two sisters. Abraxas telepathically informed Portentia that the Hellblazers had the power to defeat Durathor and the two of them would be rewarded should they aid in the Mystic’s downfall. Portentia was offered land and titles, as well as the restoration of Dran Enterprises in Waterdeep, both of which were things she couldn’t refuse.

While Abraxas spoke with Portentia, Jone heard a voice behind him: “Perhaps while the boy wizard talks to her, we can speak to Auspicia.

It was Dorian Neverember, who had become bound to Jone as his ghost companion. The Occult Detective thought this fortuitous, and sent the spirit to give Auspicia their offer, which was the destruction of the demon Baphomet once and for all. Auspicia readily agreed to the bargain, thirsting for vengeance against the creature that had tortured her for so long.

So the deal was struck and the Hellblazers took their positions in the frozen woods, ready to assault the keep. Aiding them were Stahlkrahe and Waterdhavian soldiers, the latter of which had been gated in along with the magic mirror. Along the battlements, Durathor stood with the Drans at his side, as well as a number of Stalkrahe slaves. The slaves, he hoped, would act as a deterrent to area-of-effect spells. Clearly he didn’t know much about Jone Constance.

joneconstanceHearing word from Dorian, the Dran Sisters teleported away, giving Jone the chance to cast Meteor Swarm on the castle, devastating the ranks of the Winter Court, but, unfortunately, killing a number of slaves in the process. Meanwhile, the two dragons, by design, were attacked by the Drans, intent on keeping the Wyrms occupied while the Hellblazers confronted Durathor.

Kelwyn followed Jone’s attack with a powerful Sunburst, blinding and destroying those few still alive on the battlements. Durathor however, was still unharmed, and disappeared with a laugh. He had been a mere illusion.

Abraxas soared into the air using powerful flying magic, noticing the Death Knight enforcer of the Court riding his Peryton into battle. With a flick of his wrist, the Wizard ripped the Peryton and its rider from the sky, sending them crashing into the castle below.

Teleporting into the fray, Braxton brought Tim, Jone, and Kelwyn with him into the castle. There, Tim charged in and struck at the prone Death Knight, slaying it, and then beheading the Peryton as well.

meilikkiAkkamas slowly approached the castle walls, levitating above the snow covered landscape. In the back of his mind, he could feel something happening to the magic inside of him. The magic of his patron.

The battle raged as the party converged on a Red Wizard of Thule, who served as watcher of the castle gates. Jone kept the mage on his toes with both silence and counterspells, while Tim and Braxton put pressure on the Wizard, eventually slaying him. During this battle, Kelwyn prayed to the forces of nature, learning that Durathor had left the castle — the Tiefling Mystic had entered the twisted wreckage of the star-ship.

With this knowledge, Abraxas darted into the ship before it could take off, leaving a parchment swarm behind for Eshaedra, who came barreling towards the rest of the Hellblazers.

Braxton, after resisting the dragon’s wing buffet, gathered his nearby allies and teleported them into the star-ship. Akkamas was the only one left outside, and he was suddenly bathed in warmth as he felt his fiendish patron forcefully removed from his mind and soul, replaced by something else. And then he too, faded, appearing beside his comrades in the command center of the bio-mechanical conveyance.

Durathor stood at a control panel, using his psionic powers to heal the ship. More creatures arrived and worked in symbiosis with the craft. But the Hellblazers had no doubt who was in command — Durathor. This was the Mystic’s  ship and crew.

Jone and Kelwyn attacked the ship in unison, hoping to keep it grounded. Jone used one of the mechanical wands he had previously acquired to destroy the fluid filled navigation chamber, while Kelwyn killed one of the creatures that spoke to the ship.

The rest of the party converged on Durathor, who ineffectually struck out at Akkamas. It seemed like Akkamas was under some sort of divine protection, for he began to glow as Durathor’s strikes slid over him. The Mystic claimed that his son was behind this, and cried for him to show himself.

hellbatHellbat Durathor, Heron Durathor’s son, appeared, telling the Hellblazers to strike true, giving them inspiration.

Abraxas magically grappled the Elder Durathor with Bigby’s Hand, and Akkamas used the opportunity to hurl the Tiefling through hell. When he returned he was met with a barrage of eldritch blasts and mighty blows from Braxton, with the coup de grace coming from Tim as he separated the villain’s head from his body.

Hellbat congratulated the party, and explained that he had been sent by the Goddess Mielikki to help end his father’s imperial dreams once and for all. Mielikki had freed Akkamas of his infernal pact, and granted him her powers of divine light. His job done, Mielikki’s former champion, Hellbat, teleported away, leaving them alone in the ship, and that role with the Hellblazers’ resident Warlock.

Jone turned on the remaining pilot, forcing it to land the vessel. Once that was done, Kelwyn killed the creature and destroyed the rest of the ship, making sure no one could use it ever again.

As the party exited the burning star-ship, they saw that Vyrmagog lay dead, but Eshaedra was harrying the Dran Sisters. The blue dragon turned and glared at them, reminding the Hellblazers of their first confrontation with the wyrm when they had first met on the road to Hommlet. The dragon breathed lightning on them, but these were not green adventurers any longer.

The fight was on, as they traded blows, the Hellblazers pressing the attack, but Abraxas had grown weary of the conflict and, with a sigh, clenched his fist, and with a word caused the dragon’s head to explode, coating the entire group in blood.

The soldiers cheered, as the Dran Sisters approached.

“Well done,” Auspicia said. “But don’t forget our deal. When next we meet, it shall be in Avernus!

In one month, the Hellblazers take their final descent as the campaign comes to a close, but first, a divergence — via a Gunfight at the O-H Corral.


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