Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 63: The Eye In the Sky

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode LXIII
The Eye In the Sky


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & Bob the Dungeon Master


This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

The Hellblazers have decided to clean house before facing the Dran Sisters in Thule.  Wilbough Waggons had informed them of a hidden base located in Undermountain, from which the Xanathar had been launching multiple assaults on the vulnerable city.

Thanking Wilbough for the information, Abraxas named the halfling Field Commander of the Green Flame, the Wizard’s new special forces, currently being directed by Jace Ibn Alhazared. Happy with the promotion, Wilbough vowed to keep the city safe while they dealt with the Xanathar once and for all.

The party hastily made their way into Undermoutain via hidden entrance, with Tim leading the way. Eventually, the elven ranger noticed a band of goblins gathered in a chamber ahead. Most of the goblins were gathered upon a raised platform, tinkering with four armored pillars covered in flesh and organs…almost like some kind of living machine.

Space-GoblinTim charged in, slaying the first goblin he saw and facing off with the others. Jone followed his usual method of attack, casting magic spells from hiding, damaging those he could. But the party soon learned that pillars generated some kind of anti-magic field, akin to a beholder’s central eye ray.

This knowledge forced Kelwyn and Abraxas to think carefully. The former making good use of his scimitar, while the latter hid and used cantrips on the outlying goblins, the ones who weren’t protected by the field. Those the uncle wounded were those the nephew killed as Braxton flew in and battered those goblins he could, taking care not to enter the sphere of anti-magic.

But when goblins had a chance to strike back they did so with devastating force, using strange pseudo-magical wands with curved handles to send blasts of energy at the Hellblazers. These beams weren’t exactly magical, just like the “machine” around them…there was some kind of eldritch force going on here.

Tim decided to investigate up close and personal. Leaping into the air, using Abraxas as a stepping stool as he did so, he rolled onto the pedestal and began killing goblins even in an un-magicked state. Kelwyn and Jone did the same, little by little learning more about the machine and its effects. Soon the goblins began to fall back, into the center of the pedestal, while Kelwyn pressed the attack. A wall of energy unlike any other sprang up from the ground, trapping the druid in with the goblins.

Jone grabbed one of the fallen wands and attempted to use it, only to misfire, blowing a hole into the wall. Such a weapon was too complex him to grasp on his first try. He tried passing the item to Braxton, who had similar issues with it.


Behind the wall of energy, Kelwyn attempted (perhaps too late) to convince the goblins that they were on their side, speaking the native tongue of the goblins. The goblins asked for the password to prove that Kelwyn worked for Xanathar. Not knowing the password, and not having anyone else nearby who understood goblin, the druid answered: “Goldfish.”

This confused the goblins, who knew that the password was the name of Xanathar’s pet goldfish, but didn’t know if “goldfish” counted as a the password or not. This gave Abraxas enough time to cast an illusion spell, outside of the anti-magic zone. The illusion was but a sound, the cry for the goblins to retreat and aid their master. The goblins promptly dropped the wall of energy and ran down a nearby passage.

This left them vulnerable to magical attack, at which point Kelwyn got his revenge by turning into a bear with the wings of an eagle (yes, a beagle) and tearing the goblins to shreds, leaving a few to be chopped down by the other Hellblazers.


Knowing where to go, the party followed the goblin’s path into a chamber with a trapped beast, some kind of amorphous blob of arms and mouths. They evaded the creature and made their way into another room filled with dark dwarves and a wizard. The evil dwarves fell quickly to the combined might of the group, while the wizard put up more of a fight.

But Abraxas had learned a new spell from the Malhovakomicon, and asked for a bit of parchment from Jone. Jone provided the component and Abraxas promptly ripped it to pieces and sent the small shards hurtling towards the enemy wizard. The whirling shreds cut the man thousands of times before finally ending his life. Death by a thousand cuts. Paper cuts.

Beholder_zombie-5eMoving on, the group came upon the main chamber of the lair, where the Xanathar hovered beside a gigantic glass eye. More organic machinery filled the room, and a pale creature operated the machines from a balcony above. Tim singled out the glass eye, firing multiple shots at it, closing in with his weapons. Up close, he discovered that the glass eye contained a number of translucent eels, as well as the goldfish Sylgar.

Kelwyn struck at the operator of the machines, summoning the fire elemental Johnny Storm to wreak havoc. To their surprise, the machines went up in flames rather fast. This spurred Jone and Abraxas to do similar actions, using their magical powers to set the entire place alight.

Xanathar roared as the glass eye was filled with some kind of inky projection, and they saw a small planet floating among the stars. Then lights began to flash, and they heard loud rumbling, as though the earth was moving around them. The beast had awakened.

Then things went south as Braxton fired a lightning bolt into the fluid filled chamber. Red lights flashed, and alarm roared… and then the entire chamber tilted to one side. That’s when they all realized they weren’t in just any kind of dungeon — the Hellblazers were in some kind of living airship — ship that had once traveled the stars.



And they had just crashed it.

Tune in next week for the pulse-pounding
FINALE of the Alt-Magic Campaign!

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