Gunfight at the O-H Corral

KIDCOLTWe’ve got just two episodes remaining in our “Alt-Magic” campaign, which means we’ll be starting something new soon. First out of the gate, before we begin our next D&D Homebrew Campaign, “No Quarter”, will be a couple of sessions out on the range, so to speak.

While I had originally thought of running a Boot Hill one off, after reacquainting myself with the rules I’ve decided a 5e version of the Old West would better suit our playing style.

So we’ll be playing a tweaked version of “Snakes & Saloons” instead.

I’ve got a three part story in mind, flexible enough that once everyone’s class and backgrounds are ironed out, we can hop on a train and seek out a little frontier justice.

Our first game will be October 3rd, so stay tuned.


— Bob Freeman

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