Day 30 of #RPGaDay2019: Connection


The penultimate day of RPGaDay for 2019. Let’s take a deep breath and get through this. Tomorrow’s a big day. So what do we have for our next to last word prompt? CONNECTION.

That which connects the characters to one another in my campaigns has always been a priority. Some players are totally invested in that immersion. Others, not so much.

Fact is, in the early days of D&D, little thought was given to a connecting thread between this odd gathering of different races and classes. The players were at the table to kill monsters in an endless procession of subterranean lairs. It was the players’ connections to one another that mattered most. Back stories and the like, while perhaps initially conceived, were largely ignored.

Attentions were focused on the mission at hand, as laid out in the modules, usually along the lines of “you meet in a tavern. The local baron is offering a reward of 1000 gold pieces if the goblin hoard hiding in the Caverns of Doom is eradicated!”

Murder Hobos don’t need no stinking connections.


But the game evolved and players tend to now be invested in the intricate details of their character’s history, which leads invariably to the connections between each other. Why is Alfgar the Dwarven Ranger traveling with the Roguish Halfling Fredo Sourfoot and Shaundra Legoras, an Elven Fighter from Balorwood?

Well, if building these connections are difficult for you, then you’re in luck. D&D Homebrewer Freewolf has created a handy little “Party Connections” table that does the creative lifting for you.


You could roll from this for the party in general, or for building individual connects between each character separately. This is great for impromptu games for those whose main focus is roleplay. It creates an immediate, immersive, and provocative connection with endless potential for interactive play at the table.

Well, that’s it for today. Tomorrow we cross the finish line. See you then…

— Bob Freeman


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