Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 60: The Power of Illusion

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode LX
The Power of Illusion


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & Bob the Dungeon Master


This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

The Hellblazers prepare to set out in order to gain the relics needed to hasten the defeat of Baphomet. Braxton, Akkamas, and Jace traveled to the village of Hommlet, while the rest of the group stayed behind and gathered the scroll they needed from the nearby ruins. Returning to the lair, the party awaited the return of their compatriots  for several days. After the fifth day, the Blackstaff became worried.

“They should be back by now,” she said, suggesting that the group investigate.

Preparing a teleportation circle, the Blackstaff sent the party on their way to Hommlet, where it seemed a very early frost had begun. Farmers scrambled in the fields even as the sounds of a festival echoed from the distance. Near the remains of the Shadow House, Tim, sensing an abundance of preternatural forces hanging like a pall over the town was drawn to a phantasmal moan from the ruin. He sought the creature out, then turned to one more suited to the task.


Jone proceeded into the Shadow House, finding a spirit inside. It was Ziyal, who had met her end after the Hellblazers fled Waterdeep. Time sought to course correct, it seemed. She was bound to Jone yet again by occult magic, having to assist him even in death.

atkOutside, Kelwyn could sense powerful magic in the air. It seemed that the Winter Court’s magic could reach even Hommlet. But there was something else as well, something…strange about the place. And Abraxas and Tim felt it too, in different ways.

Mercenaries roamed the streets, though Abraxas recognized these soldiers were from the far east, and seemingly out of place. The Order of the Golden Lion seldom were seen in Western lands.

Further down the road, the wizard stumbled upon his old friend Helmeister and greeted him. The old cleric explained that he had conversed briefly with their missing friends at the festival, noting that they were accompanied by a mysterious woman, and were last seen in a tent not far from the town square.


Biding the cleric farewell, Abraxas joined the others, just in time for Jone to spot something interesting. All the buildings in town seemed to shimmer, almost like they weren’t…real. Pointing this out, Kelwyn and Tim suddenly saw through the illusion that had been placed on the town.

“Oh my god, they’re all dead!” Tim cried, seeing a massive slaughter all around them. Only skeletons remained of the villagers, and their houses had been burnt to the ground.

Jone saw the truth as well, but Abraxas rubbed his eyes and shrugged. He lived with illusions every day, and was certain this wasn’t one. No illusion spell had that kind of power, not even the ninth order’s Weird spell. But the rest of the group was certain, and confronted the guards about it, who seemed to be the only real aspect of this facade.

The guards denied that anything was wrong when each person asked until Jone approached. At that moment, a guard said: “You know what? You’re right. Eshaedra, the game’s up!”

From the sky, the blue dragon Eshaedra landed, dispelling the illusion and calling her warriors to battle. From below, Abraxas was awestruck by the power of the dragon’s magic, whispering: “I want that spell.”


A battle broke out quickly, with Tim and Kelwyn mixing steel and sorcery rather well. Jone provided excellent cover-fire while his spectral ally kept a close eye on Abraxas, who faced the dragon alone.

But the wizard, who believed himself a master of illusion, was so humbled that he was forced to use a transmutation spell: Shapechange, turning himself into an adult gold dragon that breathed fire upon the blue wyrm.

Meanwhile, Kelwyn had dealt some serious damage to the captain of  the guards, setting him on fire with heat metal. Tim brutalized everyone who came close to either of them, becoming a whirlwind of blades that diced anything near it. Soon they were on the move, with Jone and Tim making it to the tent their friends were last seen in. Braxton, Akkamas, and Jace were held in some kind of magical trance, but they still had their items on them, and they had the relic they had sought.

Jone sent a message to Abraxas, telling him that they had saved their friends and needed to be teleported away. The wizard, who was distracting the dragon anyway, disengaged and flew over to Kelwyn, who he picked up in his claws, and carried over to the rest of the group. On the road out of town, Abraxas saw Helmeister wandering into the sun…

Eshaedra was furious, and breathed lightning on the group just as they prepared to teleport. Thankfully, the party’s magic shielded them from most of the damage, but Kelwyn was unfortunate enough to have been wounded when the bolt struck him, knocking him unconscious and setting him on fire. Sighing slightly, Abraxas, in Dragon-form,  lifted the druid to his reptilian maw and blew him out like a candle, then teleported everyone to safety.

amulet of baphomet

In the lair, the group healed their musky druid as well as the others, and looked over their artifacts for defeating Baphomet.  They had two scrolls: one that served as some kind of Greater Banishment spell, and another as a Greater Magic Circle. Finally, they had the Demon Amulet, used for commanding the Demon Lord. Now they were truly ready to face their foe…

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