Day 29 of #RPGaDay2019: Evolve


Evolution is a part of our very being. We are constantly transitioning from where we’ve been to where we are. In seeps into every fiber of our being, every sing facet of our lives. Games are no different.

Welcome to Thursday, the 29th of August, and the last gasp of 2019’s RPGaDay conversation. It comes to an end on Saturday. Today’s prompt is an evocative one. The word is EVOLVE.

Even a cursory glimpse into the seedy underbelly of the history of RPGs will reveal a torrent of Creator Politics and Edition Wars. But what you’re really seeing is evolution in action.


David Wesley’s Braunstein beget Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor beget Gary Gygax’s Greyhawk beget Dungeons & Dragons and all the imitators after, in a long line of succession.

RPGs create living worlds, fluid and tumultuous, where anything and everything is possible. Simulating these worlds with dice and rules, with home-brewed addendums and substitutions, change and evolution is built into its core.

It was there from the very beginning, and the very nature of having a referee and players all collaborating on something that is both imaginative and steeped in a sort of magical realism, means the game, any game, is going to evolve as a result.

— Bob Freeman

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