Day 26 of #RPGaDay2019: Idea


Less than a week remains in 2019’s RPGaDay. As our conversation nears its end we have a number of interesting word prompts to carry us over the finish line. Today’s word is IDEA.

No roleplaying game is perfect, in part because they try to be all things to all people. Way back in the 20th Century, gamers tended to form clubs that had a fairly static membership. There was far less random gaming going on, save for at conventions, and even then, it was a different animal.

shirthomebrewMy point is that, in those days when a gaming group was the norm (and I expect it still is in the majority), a game was almost always adapted to meet the desires of the group. Rules were tweaked or altogether thrown out. New rules were written. House rules were the norm.

In fact, I would venture to guess more than 90% of Game Masters have their own thoughts and ideas on how a game can be improved.

First they Identify the issues they have with the game, then they Design rules to bring the game more in line with what they want to achieve and experience. The Game Master then Executes these changes by bringing them to the table, then is in a position to Augment these rules through playtesting, making changes as needed.

See. It’s like science.

Roleplaying games are a designer’s paradise. Homebrewing the game has always actively encouraged, especially in the Gygaxian Era. A good game was always one that could be tinkered with without breaking it.

— Bob Freeman

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