Day 20 of #RPGaDay2019: Noble


We are two-thirds of the way into this year’s celebration of all-things RPGs. 2019’s version of RPGaDay has been a revealing traverse into the minds of the participants. The word prompt has broadened the scope and generated a host of unique and interesting conversations.

Today’s word should be no different, though it is once more tickling my nostalgia bone. The word in question is NOBLE and I have a short story to share with you as a result.

1983-fire-and-ice-poster1The very first thing that sprang to mind was a memory that was all but lost in the cobwebbed recesses of my cranium sanctorum.

It was late summer, 1983. Our senior year of high school had just begun. I had gone to see a new animated film called Fire & Ice, directed by the legendary Ralph Bakshi, based on the artwork of the master of fantasy illustration Frank Frazetta, and scripted by Marvel Comics’ “Rascally” Roy Thomas and “Merry” Gerry Conway.

I loved it. So much so that the following weekend I drug some of my best friends out to see it with me (I would eventually watch it five times in the theatre and probably a hundred times since).

nrThey dug it too, as I knew they would. Afterward, still hyped up from the amazing film, we stopped off at one of the places we all ended up congregating back then — Noble Roman’s Pizza, home of the Deep Dish Monster.

We ate more pizza than a human should possibly consume in a single setting and guzzled pitchers of soda that would have put the God of Thunder to shame, all while talking about the exploits we’d witnessed in the movie and of how it would influence our future D&D games, of course.

Which led to me heading out to my electric blue Dodge Omni to gather my dice, as we broke into an impromptu game of Dungeons and Dragons at one of the back tables.

I borrowed heavily from the film we’d just devoured, and fueled by pop and pizza, we gamed until closing and I had forgotten all about that night until RPGaDay reminded me of it with a single word, like magic spoken in the here-and-now that peeled away the years and deposited me back to that time in ages past, when monsters roamed the earth in the guise of pizza and plastic cups.

— Bob Freeman

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