Day 11 of #RPGaDay2019: Examine


The 11th day of RPGaDay, with just 20 days remaining in our celebration of all things tabletop. So far, I have enjoyed the structure of the conversation, with the word prompts give greater flexibility to our responses. It has been fascinating to see how other participants have been interpreting the prompts.

Today’s prompt is EXAMINE,. which affords a million different avenues of exploration.

The first thing that came to mine was skill checks players use to examine their surroundings, utilizing such things as perception, investigation, or arcana to help flesh out their encounters.


This was an exciting innovation introduced to tabletop games, though in many ways it replaced a player’s insight and cunning. While it gives the character agency, there is something lost in terms of the player themselves.

The roleplaying experience becomes less of a game somewhat, and more of an simulation, with the dice dictating improvisational cues for the player.

There is good and bad in both and a healthy balance has to be found and maintained.

I could continue down this train of thought for hours I suppose, but I’ve a gaming shack to get to while the weather is being co-operative.

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