Day 9 of #RPGaDay2019: Critical



Warning. Today’s word prompt for RPGaDay 2019 is fraught with danger. The word in question? CRITICAL.

Now, Bob, you ask, what could be so dangerous about such an innocuous word? Surely we’ll be inundated with bloggers heralding their favorite tales of both Critical Hits or Misses.

Yes this is a t-shirt available on Amazon. You should buy it.

Or maybe we’ll be regaled with the outpouring of love for all things Critical Role?


The danger though comes from my first instinct when I saw the word: to be critical of styles of play that sort of grate against my sense of what roleplaying games should be.

That flies in the face of what RPGaDay is supposed to represent. This is a coming together moment. Thirty-one days of solidarity, proclaiming our mutual love for a hobby that allows us to express ourselves creatively.

So instead of being critical, I share with you the artworks above. See, I do enjoy Critical Role. And who doesn’t love the impact rolling a Natural 1 or 20 has on the game? And I love RPGaDay and everything it stands for.

So let’s all keep the conversation positive and celebrate the hobby that has shaped so many of our lives.

— Bob Freeman


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