Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 57: Winter is Here

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode LVII
Winter is Here


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & Bob the Dungeon Master


This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

The Hellblazers have finally earned some much needed respite before their next adventure. During this rest, our heroes did some research on their enemy, with Kelwyn and Akkamas finding that the Winter Court has been marshaling an undead force at the City of The Dead in Waterdeep. Additionally, Abraxas learned that the “Lich King” of the Court wasn’t a normal Lich at all, nor was it a King. The Court was ruled by a female White Dracolich named Vyrmagoth, who battled the Blood Brotherhood on Drakkarsys long ago.

Braxton then informed the group that his Djinn servant, Jawnfar, knew much about the Demon Baphomet. The Djinn claimed that the master he served prior to Braxton was none other than Jace Ibn Alhazered. His story was a sordid one in which Jace had used him to claim the Demon Amulet of Baphomet. Jace then traded the item to Auspicia Dran, who wanted revenge against The Goat of Mendes. The exchange included a map to a certain blue dragon’s lair which brought the Hellblazers‘ tale full circle.

The interesting part of the story was that it was Ocasta who originally owned Amulet, having secreted it away in her extradimensional lair, locked in a vault by the blood of her daughter, Jacinda. The djinn was forced to slay the child in order to retrieve the amulet. Something that didn’t seem to sit well with the magical creature.

As to the amulet, it seems to suggest Ocasta was the one that bound the demon in the first place, and that only she —or someone with her magic—could control the demon with the amulet.

Finally, Tim and Jone reported that Xoblob and Acquisitions Incorporated have fled the city. As they delivered their report, it began to snow. In the middle of Summer. It appeared to the group that the Court was ready to make their move. Baphomet had promised them a distraction. When a rift opened in the street, belching fire into the snowy sky, it appeared the demon lord was true to its word. The streets were seemingly echoing with the sounds of bloodthirsty Colddarks just below the city streets.

trollskull crevice

The party decided to meet with the Demon Lord, as arranged, before they made their plunge into the Dran Archive, and travelled through the snow covered streets to Blackstaff Tower, were they saw the “Blackstaff” engaged in a heated argument. Two people stood before her, one a tall human, staff in hand, the other, a small roguish gnome.

These two were Salazar Redmon and Nieblung Ankleshanker respectively, powerful members of the Blood Brotherhood. Salazar claimed that the Blackstaff needed to clean up her backyard, or he’d do it for her. After that they teleported away.

The Blackstaff (aka Baphomet in disguise) welcomed the party to her home and said that she had just finished writing a contract in order to seal their agreement in blood. She summoned Omin Dran, who had not left with Acquisitions just yet it seemed. Had he stayed behind to write the contract? Or was something more sinister afoot? Was the CEO of Acquisitions Inc being held hostage?

omindranJone and Abraxas both looked the contract over, finding a number of clauses and counter-clauses and hidden writings and counter-hidden writings that made the contract rather one sided. One clause in particular stated that if they, the Hellblazers die, their souls should go straight to the Abyss, and one of them would be instantly devoured. In exchange, she would give them the “means to destroy the Winter Court” as opposed to actually destroying the Winter Court. The means to destroy them being the title of Blackstaff, which she would hand over, seeing as the real Blackstaff would be in no condition to resume her role after her time in the Abyss.

The Hellblazers, with Tim and Kelwyn being most adamant, claimed the contract was unfair, and left, saying they’d talk after they had retrieved the amulet, banking that they’d have leverage against the demon then. Before they left, Abraxas saw Littlecrow bow to the Demon Lord in reverence. He knew he would have to address this at a later time…

The party returned to the Book Wyrm’s Treasure, where they used the secret passage into the Dran Enterprises tunnel system. Once back there, they figured they needed to go south and west, so Kelwyn thought to bypass the dangers ahead by using his passwall scepter to open a hole in the south wall. What they found was Lords Somerfort, Marner, Collvile, and Neverember, who proceeded to fireball the crap out of them.

heronJone and Abraxas both misty misstepped, with Abraxas being deposited to the east, where Tim, Gunter, and Littlecrow were scouting. Jone, on the other hand, ended up north of the party where he was faced with a curiosity, a magical Stahlkrawe lantern, that housed a spirit — the Dark Lord Heron Durathor. The occult detective released him from his prison then proceeded to loot the magical chamber he was in.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party fled down another passage, attempting to circle around the room with the four spellcasters. Coldarks began to flood in from the north, accompanied by a Lich. Thankfully, Tim , with Akkamas‘ aid, was able to intimidate a few and kill more, while Kelwyn bottle-necked them with a wall of fire.

The party pressed on, with Abraxas flying ahead of them leaving a trail they could follow through the labyrinth. But more Coldarks flooded in, so Braxton lifted his sword…and the internet crashed. The session ended abruptly with the Coldarks flooding in, so I guess we’ll see if the Hellblazers can escape icy doom next week…

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