Day Five of #RPGaDay2019: Space


Space, the final frontier…

Yes, Space is the fifth word prompt in this year’s RPGaDay Conversation and the obvious response is to explore some avenue of Traveller, Spelljammer, or Star Trek/Wars, but instead I’d like to peel the onion and come up with something outside the obvious.

Space, as in, the locality from which we sling our proverbial dice.

I have long sought to have a permanent gaming space, but in more than forty years of play, I have set up shop on many a dining table, more than a few folding tables, and even occupied virtual space to to game.


There are, of course, some spaces that really stand-out: the round dining table in our 400 Apartments digs in Muncie, the doubled up 6′ folding tables used up at the Woodcarvers’ Building, the haphazard sprawl of Brent’s garage, the dining room of my paternal grandparent’s house where I lived for too short a time, and the dining table where we live now where Connor largely holds court…

There are others, but none of those sacred spaces have the air of permanency.

I am currently in the process of building a space that I hope will serve that function, a place where we might spend the last of our days slinging dice in revelry of the hobby that has captured us in its spell.


Yes, it’s a shack. But it will be mostly warm and dry. More importantly, magic will happen there. Believe it.

— Bob Freeman

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