Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 55: Against the Horde

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode LV
Against the Horde


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & Bob the Dungeon Master


This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

The Hellblazers are surrounded by Ice Bugbears on all sides. The majority of them seemed to have been held off by a wall of fire Kelwyn had conjured, but more swarmed in from the south west, beginning a battle with Tim and Akkamas.

hellblazers logo

Abraxas, who had to teleport away in order to escape certain death, was close by in the north, facing off with the dwarf Baine Picklebeard. The illusion wizard had tried to hurl the dwarf into a magical sphere using telekinesis, but failed to do so. This time around, Abraxas threw the sphere at Picklebeard, which exploded, transforming into a Sphere of Annihilation that devoured the dwarf and began to draw in all creatures nearby. Oops.

Kelwyn took time to heal Braxton, who proceeded to charge into the fray and deal some death. Meanwhile, Ziyal only narrowly evaded being devoured by the Sphere of Annihilation.

To the group’s surprise, the sphere began to levitate off the ground, proceeding to fly through the ceiling and into the street above. This was at the command of Archibald Havenrest III and his Talisman of the Sphere. At his side was Lucio Garibaldi, who fired another crossbow bolt that incapacitated Ziyal.


Akkamas, after having healed Zyial, turned on Garibaldi, hitting him with a devastating eldritch assault, ending with the poor man being hurled through hell itself. After that Garibaldi was quite dead.

Tim and Braxton held off the Bugbears swarming up from the southwest, as the ranger was all but invisible, cutting in and out of the fiends and leaving a wake of dead bodies behind him. Utilizing a wall of wind to inflict minor damage, this opened them up to a wicked assault from his swirling blades, while the paladin’s stalwart offense proved too much for the frigid beasts.

Abraxas was left to deal with Havenrest and his small force of Bugbears. The two wizards dueled for a short time before Abraxas made the mistake of teleporting and striking Havenrest from behind, which did decent damage, but left him open to be swarmed by yet another continent of Bugbears.

Jone meanwhile was roaming the tunnels, sneak attacking and magically shattering most things that got in his way. But in the end, even the man with the dumbest luck in the world was in dire straits, for he became surrounded as he tried to flee down a sewer tunnel. Mustering his magical energies, the occult detective slew a throng of the beasts even as more bugbears swarmed into the area…

Kelwyn was forced to drop the wall of fire in order to summon the elemental Ben Grimm back into the world, who was able to slay a few bugbears before being dispelled by that jerk Havenrest.

It seemed that fleeing was the only option. The bugbears were too many, even for the Hellblazers it seemed. Ziyal, their old friend, died as soon as the horde approached. But Kelwyn had one last trick up his sleeve. He held his hands to sky and called upon every possible force of nature, and summoned a Firestorm. The great conflagration moved like a serpent through the ranks of the the Ice Bugbears, destroying them all.

But they still had Archibald Havenrest III to contend with… but not for long.

Akkamas decided that he had had enough of the evil mage and cast Finger of Death to cripple the effete caster. Before he could recover, the warlock utilized his Crown of Stars spell to all but vaporize Havenrest just as another horde, the largest yet, came together and converged on the Hellblazers.

Finally, things were starting to look up. Only one more horde of Bugbears remained, but Abraxas was able to get them to leave by using one of his illusions. The illusion was of a death knight, telling the bugbears to get back to work and that the Hellblazers weren’t worth the effort. The Bugbears obeyed, and our heroes were able to regroup. They continued their journey, finding a staircase that led to Dran Enterprises’ base in Waterdeep, the reason they went into the tunnels to begin with. There they found the younger Lord Somerfort and Lord Marner attempting to raise Dagult Neverember. With them, was a burly, blue skinned creature — a minion of the Winter Court.

littlecrowLittlecrow, who had been doing some spying, reported that the Winter Court had sent out agents to kidnap people the Hellblazers cared about, as well as to destroy the Thieves Guilds. In doing this, the Court had hoped to make the Hellblazers give up the Crown of Winter, and other artifacts in their possession. More importantly, a death knight from the Court was seen upstairs, conversing with Portentia and Auspica Dran. It also seemed that Amalia Cassalanter was with them. Perhaps she had joined them after the death of her husband?

Anyhow, the way they spoke implied that they had the Blackstaff under their control, which means something very strange is happening in Waterdeep, something our heroes will have to look into…if they can make it out of Dran Enterprises alive…

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