Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 54: A Stunning Development

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode LIV
A Stunning Development


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & Bob the Dungeon Master


This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

The Hellblazers finally have a chance to parley with the forces of Dran Enterprises. Ziyal, their old friend even in this timeline, stood alongside their enemies. It seemed that, should the wall of force Abraxas had summoned drop, both parties would be able to discuss matters, perhaps avoiding further violence.

Bravah HavershamBut it seemed that could not be the case. Behind the Hellblazers, a number of powerful nobles were creeping up on them, ready to strike. Lord Evanston Bloomfield, one of Dagult Neverember‘s followers, prepared to launch a fireball, one that keen-eyed Tim saw and negated with a sphere of silence, making Bloomfield unable to use the verbal component of his spell.

What followed was long and brutal fight, with the advantage swaying back and forth as the battle raged on. Joining Lord Bloomfield were Lords Cassius Marner, Wenceslas Larrison, and Osborn Colville, who started an awesome magical battle with the Spell-Blazers, with both sides counterspelling each other, waiting for the right opening. An opening came when Akkamas and Abraxas both threw devastating fireballs almost in unison. Lord Marner was able to counter the first, but not the second, which dealt the unit of noblemen a great wound.

Braxton and Tim both charged in, dealing massive damage to Lord Bloomfield, while Kelwyn’s elemental (affectionately named Ben Grimm) leveled blow after blow on Lord Marner. The clobbering was ended, however, when Lord Colville cast dispel magic, which sent poor Ben back to the Elemental Chaos.


Meanwhile, the three adventurers split up, with Lord Archibald Havenrest III destroying Abraxas’s wall of force, Lord Lucio Garibaldi rounding up the horde of Ice-Bugbears, and Baine Picklebeard, the Dwarven Rogue, traveling north, attempting to flank the Hellblazers (more on that later).

To the horror of the group, Lord Garibaldi then fired a crossbow bolt that, when it struck Du’ra, turned her into ash. It was then that Garibaldi led the Bugbears in a charge.

Ziyal, seeing her old friends in trouble, dove in front of the charging Bugbears and conjured a wall of stone. She then went to heal her wounded allies, as a powerful enemy took to the field.

Littlecrow had been scouting the area when the battle had started in earnest, but she did see something useful that she could pass on to the group: Lord Neverember and his assistant, Lord Terrance Somerfort (Ziyal’s husband), were on their way! And when the two arrived they did serious damage, for Neverember dropped a powerful fireball into the middle of the group, with no care for the health of his allies. Because of this, Lord Larrison went down, but the Hellblazers were severely wounded.

In retaliation, Akkamas used a Power Word Stun on Neverember, staggering the man and making him vulnerable to the onslaught that fell upon him. Abraxas cast Jim’s Magic Missile, a spell he learned from his studies of Acquisitions Incorporated, dealing fair damage to the stunned Lord. Coming to Neverember’s aid, especially after the death of Lord Bloomfield,  was Marner, but he did little to hold back the whirlwind of blades commanded by Tim. The Ranger/Rogue slew Neverember and wounded Somerfort, Marner, and even Lord Colville, who had come to Neverember’s aid as well. It was Somerfort’s will to teleport away, but thanks to the counterspells of before, he could never finish the spell in time.

But tragedy struck yet again as the Bugbears broke through the wall of stone. Jone threw up a wall of ice, but they broke through that as well. Both Jone and Abraxas were forced to use Ocasta’s anti-assassination spell, Misty Mistep, to avoid being swarmed. Jone appeared far to the east, and Abraxas in the north.

When Abraxas appeared in the north, he witness the dwarf slink past him and shoot his nephew, Braxton, in the back. Picklebeard had struck Braxton with a poisoned bolt, but luck was on the paladin’s side, and he was able to go to Tim‘s side, hatching a plot to recover Neverember’s body. Braxton‘s luck, however, had finally run out as his advance was fought off, leaving the paladin to fall to the ground unconscious.

Revan Uthrik TokenKelwyn acted fast and threw up ANOTHER WALL SPELL! This one was a wall of fire that thinned the herd of Bugbears greatly. Everyone else tried as a hard as they could, but alas, Somerfort, Colville and Marner escaped with Neverember’s body. The Hellblazers had finally run out of counterspells.

And now they faced a Bugbear horde. And worse still was the fact that Jone was lost in the eastern passages, and Abraxas now had to duel an angry dwarf.

This next one should be interesting…

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