Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 52: Documancy

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode LII


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & Bob the Dungeon Master


This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

Investigating the corpses of Margarite and Donal Falcone, the Hellblazers uncover two documents of interest on the dead nobles, along with plenty of magical items. One of the documents was a love letter, written by the Blackstaff, addressed to a Lord Somerfort. The other document was a contract written in complicated legalese that they could not decipher, though they picked up on two names: the Winter Court of Thulasia, and Dran Enterprises.

indexMatters became more complicated when they looked at the possessions of the thieves from the bar (the one’s who stole Jace’s torc). It appeared they wore amulets with the symbol of the “famous” dungeoneering guild— Acquisitions Incorporated.

Something strange was going on, and the only thing they knew for sure was that they needed a Documancer to read that contract.

While Akkamas tended to personal business and Jone slunk off to gods-know-where (but they might be able to guess), the rest of the Hellblazers went to Blackstaff Tower, figuring that the leader of Force Grey could answer some of their questions.

blackstaffAt the tower, the group met with Vajra Safahr, the Blackstaff, in her study, where she appeared to be unnerved by something. Dorian Neverember’s escape from the pyre troubled her dearly, and she revealed to them that he had murdered Lord Somerfort (whom they knew the Blackstaff was having an affair with).

Dorian was Dagult Neverember’s brother, and had been approached by Lord Somerfort in the hopes that he knew where the stolen treasure, colloquially known as the Dragon Hoard, was.

Dorian killed Somerfort at the Blue Heron House, the whole incident was witnessed by Miranda Heron and the staff on hand at the time. It also seemed that the Blackstaff was unaware of Miranda Heron’s death, though Abraxas would later recall giving her the news in person.

Had they found another hole in the timeline?

Moving on, the Hellblazers (or most of them) swore to bring Neverember to justice, then addressed the contract. The Blackstaff herself was not fluent in legalese, but her chief Documancer was. Entering the room was an armored half-elf who introduced himself as Omin Dran, founder of Acquisitions Incorporated.

ClankAICard_PrayerAfter looking over the contract, Omin explained that it was a very minor thing, nothing incriminating whatsoever, though Abraxas and Tim believed he was hiding something. After bidding the Blackstaff farewell, the party decided that they needed to speak with Omin again, in a more private setting. Omin had shown great interest in Trollskull Manor, offering to buy it from them, so they sent a page to tell him that they wished to discuss the manor…  when, in fact, they really wished to speak of the contract in more detail.

The meeting place was arranged to be at the Blue Heron House, which Abraxas had recently acquired. As they waited for Omin’s arrival, Braxton poured everyone a glass of Elves’ Tears, an expensive, and possibly vision inducing, wine.

When Tim drank, he saw a purple robed wizard beaten bloody by a knight with an owlbear crest on his shield.

When Kelwyn drank, he saw a woman, a paladin perhaps, standing among thousands of undead rising up from Waterdeep’s City of the Dead.

And when Abraxas drank, he saw his friend Book Wyrm nailed to a wall in his own shop, while another friend stood in an alcove, smoking.

Braxton didn’t have a vision, but listened intently as everyone shared theirs.


It was at this time when Omin Dran entered, accompanied by his purple robed associate, Jim Darkmagic, whom Tim recognize from his vision, and a rogue who would later be introduced as Viari, head of the stabbing department. Omin was shocked when the Hellblazers revealed that they had no intention of selling the shoppe, but he wasn’t surprised in the slightest to learn that they felt Dran Enterprises was up to something nefarious.

Dran Enterprises was run by Omin’s sister, Auspicia Dran, who happened to be at the heart of many shady dealings, along with her and Omin’s sister Portentia. It was a kind of family rivalry, Omin with his Acquisitions Incorporated, and Auspicia and Portentia with Dran Enterprises.

When paid more money, Omin explained that the contract said that Dran Enterprises was gathering very powerful artifacts for the Winter Court, while house Falcone served as the teamsters. Though he seemed calm, the party detected that Omin wasn’t happy with this news one bit, as it seemed his sisters were making quite a bit of money from these dealings.

After a confusing back and forth regarding the theft of the torc, which Jace had stolen from a third party, both groups decided to let bygones be bygones on that front. The Hellblazers still needed one more push to get Acquisitions on their side however. So they used a piece of knowledge gained from the Blackstaff’s love letter. It appeared that their had been another secret affair that the Blackstaff knew about… an affair between Alon Falcone and Portentia Dran!

ClankAICard_Conjure“That hussy!” Jim Darkmagic bellowed. Jim had been sleeping with Portentia, on the down-low, but the wizards annoying howls were more than enough to force Omin to join up with the Hellblazers. Omin agreed that he’d have his people investigate the Falocne’s, while the Hellblazers investigate Dran Enterprises.

As they departed, Tim gave Jim warning: “If you see a guy with an owlbear shield, run.” But Jim already knew the guy Tim referred to, it was the deceased Lord Somerfort’s son. Jim couldn’t fathom what the young lord would want with him, though the mage did insinuate that he had been sleeping with the young man’s wife, a former cleric named Ziyal

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