Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 51: Order from Chaos

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode LI
Order from Chaos


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & Bob the Dungeon Master


This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

margareteAbraxas and Kelwyn greet Margarite Falcone at the Wyrd Tails magic shop. After recent events, the Hellblazers were scattered, and the two present informed her that the rest would be along shortly.

Braxton, exiting through the window of  the Giants Thirst, informed the group that Akkamas was going to scout the area while they took care of the madness around them. The spellbound paladin also pointed out that their friend Tim, who had tracked down the true thief of Jace‘s Torc, was speaking with a guard nearby.

braxtonThe guard was on his way to apprehend Dorian Neverember, a wizard whose last name rang a bell. The guard explained that Dorian had killed a noble, and was being executed because of it. But something went wrong, the fire that should have killed him went out, and now he rampaged through the streets, killing anyone that stood in his way. Tim, Braxton, and Abraxas, being (most of the time) agents of the Blackstaff, thought it necessary to remove such a threat from the city, leaving Kelwyn and Du’ra to watch over Jace and the Falcones.

JoneWhat the Hellblazers didn’t know about Dorian Neverember was that he was an old friend of Jone. It was the occult detective who had freed the wizard, and was now attempting to aid in his escape. So things didn’t go over too well when Abraxas tried to snatch up the dark mage with Bigby’s Hand. The magical claw caught the wizard, but Jone dispelled it in turn, discreetly.  Tim saw well and clear from his vantage point Jone‘s casting of a Tidal Wave that killed several guards. The arcane trickster was definitely working in concert with the malefic wizard.

Dorian then led the Hellblazers through the streets as he fled, murdering more guards as he went, and rebuffing people’s attempts to reason with him. Finally, at Jone’s telepathic urging, he teleported away, leaving the group both angry and confused (Tim hadn’t informed them of Jone’s trickery yet).

abraxasAbraxas, worried as to what might have become of Jace and the Falcones, opened a passwall into Wyrd Tails. When the wizard, his nephew, and Tim looked inside, they were shocked to see the place was on fire, and Donal Falcone was dead, and Margarite was in a ferocious battle with Jace and Kelwyn. Du’ra, was dead again.

kelwynBraxton and Tim both charged at the Lady, who summoned multiple fireballs that devastated the room and its inhabitants. Thankfully, Margarite had already been wounded by Kelwyn’s powerful magic, and soon she was on the run. A run that was cut short when the druid hit her with a confusion spell, rooting her in place while Abraxas finished her off with a firebolt.

When asked about what had happened, Kelwyn explained that after some haggling, Jace had managed to procure the Golden Dragon Orb, and 10,000 gold pieces from the deal with the Falcones. But, according to Jace, he saw Donal begin to withdraw a weapon, and attacked. Kelwyn had also realized that Wyrd Tails actually belonged to Jace, and that the staff inside were his agents, who attacked at his command.

TimJone eventually arrived to help the group hide away the bodies of the dead nobles. When informed about Dorian, Jone said “I’m surprised you let him slip through your fingers,” while Tim gave him a scowl, but said nothing.

The session ended with the Hellblazers and Jace sitting in the upstairs room of Wyrd Tails, with both a Dragon Orb, a Diadem, and who knows what else, as the rouges began to pilfer the pockets of the dead…


Exciting developments. Are the Hellblazer’s unraveling? As they grow more powerful, they continue to operate more independently. When the real threat rises, will they be able to put their differences aside and work as a well oiled machine, or will their individualism spell disaster for Waterdeep and the world?

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