Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 50: It’s Go Time

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode L
It’s Go Time


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & the Dungeon Master (Bob)



jace2The Hellblazers and Jace arrive at Waterdeep and are led by the Artificer to where they will meet Margarite Falcone. To their surprise, Jace explains that they will not be meeting her at Falcone Manor. Instead, Lady Falcone wished for them to meet at a magic shop called Wyrd Tails, located in a seedier part of town.

The meeting was meant to take place in one hour, so Kelwyn suggested they kill some time at the nearest bar. Everyone readily agreed and were led by Jace to The Giant’s Thirst, a bar situated right beside Wyrd Tails.

Before entering, Tim and Jone checked the perimeter. More on that later.

Inside, the rest of the group ordered a round of drinks, while Jace sauntered over to a table and began to speak with a red haired noblewoman. Sensing trouble, the group listened intently to the conversation at the next table. Jace and the woman flirted for a moment and then went into the back corner of the room, out of sight.

kelwynThe red-haired woman had left a friend and her bodyguard at the table, who huddled together and whispered to each other. Kelwyn read their lips, seeing that they discussed whether or not their plan would work or not. “Don’t worry,” The man had said, “She’s got quick hands and quicker feet.” Not liking this one bit, the druid Wildshaped into a parrot and flew across the room, landing on Jace’s shoulder. “Brawk! Look out for your your baby!” the musky-parrot said, referring to the Diadem.

Jace looked down, examining his pouches and purse, then let out a great bellow. He attempted to backhand the woman, but she ducked under intended blow and he tumbled to the floor. Her friends sprang to their feet and rushed over to the tension-filled scene. Abraxas stood as well and long-necked the situation. He didn’t spot the diadem anywhere, a worrying sign, “Guys, I think it’s go time,” the wizard said hastily.

braxtonBraxton, misunderstanding his uncle’s words, leapt up and charged forward, sliding across a table and coming before the woman’s bodyguard. The paladin shouted that they should return what was stolen at once or suffer the consequences. Both declined to know anything. In a rage, Braxton brought his great sword into the unarmed man’s side.

akkamasAkkamas, seeing a fight begin, struck the red-haired woman with a mind spike spell, while Kelwyn returned to his human form and summoned an earth elemental, which grappled the other noblewoman. A man at the bar stood as if to charge into the fray, but  crashed into the waitress, spilling her tray of drinks destined for the Hellblazers. She crawled under the noblewomen’s table, hiding from the ruckus as the man who had toppled her and her wares rose and moved toward Braxton.

Meanwhile, as chaos reigned inside, Tim hid near the front entrance while Jone investigated rumors of a powerful magic user in the area. After perusing the wares of an exotic spirits vendor, the occult detective took note of a man being burnt at the stake in front of several City Watchmen.

JoneJone, not one for the whole “kill everyone because they’re a witch” thing, conjured a sleet storm to put out the fire. As the flames subsided, the detective caught a glimpse of the man’s face. It was that of an old acquaintance of his, a student of Dimoran Alfullow. It took a moment to remember the man’s name, but it finally came to him: Dorian.

With the flames extinguished and his bonds weakened, the unfettered wizard cackled with glee as he vaporized the guards that had burnt him, bringing down bolts of lightning from the sky.

Hearing the commotion inside, Tim slunk into the bar via a broken window made by fleeing patrons, and slew two thugs Du’ra and Akkamas were engaged with.

Braxton, taking a poisoned knife wound in the back, was petrified and in danger of being ended. Luckily Kelwyn swooped in and cast a restoration spell to get the paladin back into the action. The pair swiftly gained the upper hand in their fight with the bodyguard and the bar patron once Akkamas joined them in the conflict. Overmatched, the warlock, druid, and  paladin put down the two foes, but the red-haired woman was on the run, scrambling up the fireplace chimney and onto the roof.

abraxasAs she took flight, Abraxas, awestruck by the sudden carnage here, looked into the woman’s mind, finding only true fear for her life, with no thought of the theft at all.

canoloth1Akkamas, reclining in a chair, sent the re-summoned Gunter in bat form onto the roof, after the fleeing woman. Gunter transformed into canoloth and ensnared the woman with its demonic tongue. Abraxas misty stepped onto the roof as well, with Jace not far behind. The wizard pleaded to both the canaloth and its master to let the woman go, he had seen into her mind and knew she was no threat… but the warlock gave the order for Gunter to maul her, ending her life.

Jace arrived in time to search the body, but cursed that he didn’t find the torc… Torc? What about the Diadem? Jace explained that no-one took the diadem, it was here all along. His magical torc had been stolen, not the diadem. The thing allowed a person to take the form of someone else, but that other person looked like you in turn. It all came together then when Abraxas saw the waitress heading out of the bar.


Down below, Braxton and Kelwyn had unsuccessfully interrogated the other noblewoman, who was subsequently killed by the elemental, not in malice, but in an attempt to frighten the woman. This would be considered a capital offense, as the woman was Nialla Tyrell. The Tyrell’s being a high ranking noble house, and with House Chabonne being honor bound to them was a troubling matter, and one that would need to be addressed. But things became worse when they looted the bar patron, discovering he wore a ring that controlled the mind of the wearer. They looked up as the waitress the man had “bumped into” darted out of the bar through the shattered window — hasted.

Everything began to fall into place. The nobles had swiped the torc when Jace was first chatting up the red-headed woman. It was hidden under the table as Jace was lured away to the back of the bar. Then their man at the bar bumped into the waitress, put on the torc from under the table and slipped the mind control ring onto the barmaid. He assumed her appearance and she his. He gave her his poisoned knife and sent her into the battle, then made his escape the first chance he got. And now he was getting away!

Oh wait, never mind, Tim tracked him down and cut him to bits…Oh the horror… Our adventure ends with Margarite Falcone emerging from Wyrd Tails and greeting the nearest tired and blood soaked Hellblazers.



So we travel to Waterdeep so Jace can meet with the Falcones’ to deal the diadem.  I think they are the family with the undead kid I should have shanked in the ruins by the beach?

Anyway, the five-thousand-year-old guy can’t plan for shit and we had to wait for the meet.  Not happy at this point.  Jone and I saw a bulletin board and decided to check it out while the rest of the party went to some ‘Giant’ bar for drinks.  Shocking.

TimReading the bulletin board we learned the was a shitty poetry contest coming up and some talisman wavers were looking for help handing out wastes of paper.  We also learned a guild brother or sister left a note letting us know there was a dangerous evil wizard about?  Why use the cant?

I decided to wait by the door to see if the evil mage showed up.  Jone saw some guy selling high end hooch and off he went.

So, hanging out and three guys come crashing through the window to my south and go running past me like their asses are on fire.  Not good.  I run to the window, jump through and run to the center of the bar.  Kelwyn tells me some red head just climbed up flue to the roof.  To the north, Akkamas is at his table, and Kelwyn’s lady is fighting two women by the door.  One of them is entangled in some druid shit.  South, Braxton and Kelwyn are wailing on some guy.  There is also an earth elemental, more druid shit, throttling a rich woman?  Abraxas spelled his way onto the roof going after the red head. Seriously, I can’t leave people alone for a second.

I run north and put an end to the cat fight.  I barely turn around and another lady bolts out from under the table blazes out the door, really moving.  A rogue? No idea but everyone in the room looks like she needs to be stopped.  I dash after her and by the time I catch up to her she changed into a guy?    I hate this magic shit.  He turns around with a shitty look on his face like he wants to go, so I go. He never touched me and I left him face down in the street.

While all that was going on, the earth elemental broke the rich lady’s neck and Akkamas’ beastie killed the running red head.

I think we killed at least six people that were in the tavern, but I lost count.  There is also some pissed off charred guy standing by three members of the town watch that got ruined by lighting bolts to the head.  Probably that evil wizard. 

The rest of the night should be interesting.


And there you have it, another swirling and swilling adventure as the Hellblazers’ moral compass once again is set a’spin. What of the unfettered wizard? What are the Falcone’s up to? And who paid the noble Tyrell’s to pilfer Jace’s torc? Or were they really after the diadem?

Tune in next week to (possibly) found out.

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