Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 49: My Friends!

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XLIX
My Friends!


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & the Dungeon Master (Bob)

page-break This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

du-raThe Hellblazers are amazed — how did Du’ra end up in Xoblob‘s Hideout? As she came to, Du’ra said the last thing she remembered was going to sleep after the Autumn Festival… a thing that happen months ago, even with the most recent time shift (thanks again Malhavok!).

The working theory was that after the first time the Hellblazers, along with Du’ra, raided one of his lairs, Xoblob went to track everyone down to make sure they weren’t a threat. Seeing as the Hellblazers were busy giving the Timereaver spell a bad name, Xoblob could only find Du’ra, and that’s how she ended up trapped inside the column within his lair.

TimTossing the baffled druid a weapon, the Hellblazers carried on, with most of the group investigating a room nearby,  while Tim carried on down the hall. The Rogue-Ranger found many interesting things along the way, such as an imprisoned Mind Flayer, a strange altar, and a treasure chest abandoned due to time constraints.

JoneJone on the other hand, found only one thing that interested him: a rune carved box depicting images of a familiar Crescentian family… Opening the box, the occult detective narrowly avoided a fiery gas trap as he looked inside. To his shock and horror, Jone stared at a potion bottle containing a piece of the Xagyg, the infernal creature that had possessed their rival, Vecna. Naturally, the detective passed the bottle to Abraxas, with assurance from the wizard that he wouldn’t drink it…this time.

braxtonMeanwhile, Braxton flew (using fly) to the north of the room, seeing a small passage that ended in a strange, magical mirror. Going back into the room, Braxton picked up his uncle Abraxas, self proclaimed Lord of Mirrors and returned. Together, they saw that two of Tsareth‘s Assassins were materializing through the mirror. Silvermane and Chabonne launched damaging volleys at the assassins, then retreated into the room where their friends awaited. The two were brutalized, but even more assassins began to passwall into the room.

akkamasThankfully, Tim had return to pepper his enemies with arrows, while Akkamas and Jone lit up the room with magic spells. Kelwyn conjured three giant spiders to do his bidding, tearing the assassins to shreds. Du’ra had a brush with death during the fight, losing her head quite literally, but was brought from death by Akkamas wielding the Wand of Orcus.

kelwynWith the battle over, the Hellblazers realized that Tsareth would be after them now, and so they ran back to the mirror chamber, where Kelwyn used The Scepter of Dagon to open a portal into a sandy courtyard. They then entered passed through a section of wall to the east, while Tim and Akkamas scouted the roof.

From their roof top perch, the rogue and warlock spied a strange scene — workmen manipulating a great wench, drawing something up from a great fissure in the earth, while surrounded by turbaned archers. Before they could investigate further, they were called back to their compatriots in the chamber below.

The rest of the party had stumbled into a treasure room filled with gold and gems piled high, alongside artifacts of great power, but alas…no Diadem. Everyone was amazed, the trove could well have been over 750,000 gold pieces without counting the magic items. But something was off, and when Jone, along with one of Kelwyn‘s spiders, investigated a door to the south, they at last recognized a familiar stink…

jace ibn alhazared“My friends!” Jace ibn Alhazared bellowed as he turned to face them. It appeared he had been sent by Margarite Falcone to find the Diadem as well. Jone quickly noticed that the Diadem was on the Artificers hip.

Alhazared explained that he found the Diadem in the treasure room behind them, adding that the other items in the room were cursed. Jace offered to let the party come with him back to employers’ mansion, seeing as they too were on the same quest. Perhaps they could share in the reward?

The group readily agreed, realizing they were sinking deeper and deeper into Falcone intrigues. Jace brought them to the shore, where he called forth an undersea vessel that would take them to Falcone Manor.

abraxasBut Abraxas had one more question left before they boarded the Undertoe — had Jace run into Alon Falcone at some point in the dungeon?

“Why,” Jace replied, “Alon Falcone‘s been dead for ten years…”

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