Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 48: Face Hugger

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XLVIII
Face Hugger


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & the Dungeon Master (Bob)

page-break This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

Discovering a secret passage in the north of Xoblob’s hideout, the Hellblazers investigate, keeping their eyes open for signs of Margarite Falcone’s diadem.

JoneBeyond the secret passage was large cavern, covered in cobwebs, with dead bodies strewn about the floor. Jone quick to point out that some of the corpses were slain by what appeared to be a giant spider. Other corpses however, seemed to have been slain elsewhere and drug into the room in order to dispose of them.

TimTim and Akkamas were the first to see movement in the webs, advising caution to their friends. Braxton was more cautious than anyone else however, casting both mirror image and fly on himself, the flight becoming very handy for getting around the cavern.

The Hellblazers, fully prepared for the assault, witnessed a spider of gigantic size emerge from a pit at the center of the cavern, while three other smaller spiders leapt from the ceiling. Tim slew one of the smaller spiders a kept the other two distracted, with Abraxas conjuring an illusory wall of fire that sent the giant spider recoiling. With a hiss the great beast let out a spray acid that our hero narrowly avoided, Gunter the cannoloth/dog/bat wasn’t so fortunate and succumbed to the acid.

akkamasEnraged, Akkamas swore to avenge his pet, launching six scorching rays that burnt the spider’s flesh, with the other Hellblazers providing back up fire. The onslaught was suddenly ended when Kelwyn fire a moonbeam at the spider, revealing that it was not a spider at all. In the spiders place was a pale woman dressed in black, levitating off the ground. Abraxas recognized her as Tsareth, shadowfell goddess of the depths and handmaiden of the Raven Queen. The Vistani mage knew of Tsareth’s power, and begged an end to the conflict between both groups.

Tsareth revealed that she had been sent by the Raven Queen to find the same diadem that the Hellblazers looked for. Tsareth said that so long as the Hellblazers left her and her Angor-Jin assassins to their work (the slaughter of the Xoblob Guild, and the reclaiming of the diadem) then she would let the party live. They agreed and left the goddess’s presence, proceeding to…go look for the diadem before she found it.

braxtonIn main entrance chamber where they had come from, the group dispelled a fog cloud, presumably left by Alon Falcone in order to keep them from the diadem. Following young nobles tracks, they stepped out onto a small cliff overlooking the waters of the Crossed Swords Coast. Moving along the cliff, Braxton uncovered a passage that led into a hallway with many different branches leading off of it. The spellbound paladin, along with Abraxas and Jone, discovered a small laboratory with a potion distillery and some books.

Tim meanwhile, questioned an undead guardian down another branch of the hallway. The undead being said that this place used to be a temple, and that he guarded the door to the passage of trials. Tim reported this to Braxton, and the both of them decided to check out the last branch of the hallway before making a decision on where to go next. After looking at a few altars, the the part-time ranger saw only one thing of importance: A Beholder has been through here!

abraxasAfter Abraxas had left the laboratory, unnerved by a strange book, Jone decided to investigate the tome. It appeared an actual blinking eye was on the cover, and stared right at the detective. Jone, unafraid and assuming Abraxas had just chickened out, began to thumb through the pages. The book then sprouted wing, multiple tentacles, and large gnashing teeth. It then latched itself to Jone’s face and started eating said face. Thankfully he was able to slay the book monster by stabbing it with a summoned ice knife before the creature had done any permanent damage.

kelwynKelwyn and Akkamas had continued along the cliff outside, finding another opening which led to the corpse of a dead waterdhavian that had their hand upon a sectioned column with moving parts. Akkamas, looting the Waterdhavian’s body, found a piece of parchment with a clue on it.

Abraxas, arriving to assist them, began to align the sections of the du-racolumn in accordance with the clue, failing the first time, an succeeding the next. The column then opened, releasing an unconscious woman. The woman, Kelwyn recognized, was his old friend, Du’ra. The session ended with the group gathering around the unconsciousness druid, wondering how she got there, and if she had something to do with the diadem.

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