Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 47: The Diadem

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XLVII
The Diadem


Abraxas Silvermane the Wizard (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva the Warlock (Mike), Braxton Chabbone the Spellbound Paladin (Steve), Jone Constance the Occult Detective (Aaron), Kelwyn the Druid (Rodney), Tim the Rogue/Ranger (Shaun), & the Dungeon Master (Bob)

page-break This Recap was written by Connor (Abraxas)

The Hellblazers a awarded a much needed respite after rescuing Fallon Bloodwood from the Xoblob Guild. Our heroes were paid handsomely for returning the girl, almost too handsomely, as Abraxas points out, but they needed rest and let the matter drop for the time being.

falconeAfter they had recovered however, the group was informed that a couple had arrived at the shoppe, wanting to speak with them. The woman was Margarite Falcone, a noble of House Falcone, the man, largely silent, was none other than Donal Falcone, patriarch of the minor house… which Jone knew to be a crime family at heart.

margareteLady Falcone explained that she needed the Hellblazers to recover an item that had been stolen form her: a silver Diadem allowing the wearer to summon and control creatures from other worlds. The artifact had been taken during a masquerade ball thrown at their villa, by a guild wizard named Balthazar. She knew him to be one of Xanathar’s henchmen, but believed he had gone rogue and that he had had taken the Diadem in order to give it to Xoblob, in exchange for joining his guild.

dragon orbIf the Hellblazers would recover the Diadem for her, she would offer them another powerful artifact in turn. It was then that she revealed to the party a Golden Dragon Orb, a thing they thought didn’t exist. Reluctantly, the Hellblazers agreed to Lady Falcone’s terms, if not just to unravel the mystery behind the Diadem and it’s owner.

The Lady arranged for the party to be disguised as crew members on a cargo vessel travleing to one of the Xoblob Guild’s hideouts, located in a small cavern on Crossed Swords Coast. When they arrived, the party used Tim’s flying carpet to glide onto shore, while original crew of the ship were busy unloading cargo.


As the vessel sailed away, the majority of the Hellblazers stealthily entered the hideout, which seemed rather deserted. Braxton meanwhile advised by keen-eyed Kelwyn, decided to investigate the docks, discovering something unnerving. It appeared some kind of battle had occurred! Blood was everywhere, and the cargo that they had just seen arrive was smashed open. Worse still, Braxton saw a blood trail leading straight into the hideout, where his friends were!

Inside, the party saw a mass of blood and gore, with two major blood trails moving to the north and to the west. Akkamas had Gunter follow the north trail, finding a pool of orcish blood with no body in sight. Even stranger, the passage was a dead end.

Kelwyn meanwhile, saw movement down an eastern passage, which Jone eagerly followed, keeping in touch with the group via the message spell.

Following the western trail, Abraxas, Akkamas and Tim saw the corpse of a giant spider and that of two humanoids. The first was mangled, nearly unrecognizable, but the other…the other didn’t have single wound upon them.

alonFiring an eldritch blast at the dead spider Akkamas saw the uninjured “corpse” flinch at the sound of the blast. Abraxas then called out, saying that whoever it was that played dead was in no danger. Rising cautiously, the “corpse” revealed himself to Alon Falcone, stepson of the woman who hired them. He was there to destroy the diadem they had be sent to reclaim, as he thought Margarete was evil, and said that he cannot trust the Hellblazers if they work for her. Seeing as he made no threat against them, they decided to leave the man alone for now, returning to the entry chamber, where things began to get out of had.

Jone had discovered a black cloaked figure in the darkness, one who appeared to be an assassin from the distant land of Angor-Jin. As he turned to shout out to his friends, the assassin blew powder into his face, causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.


Jone’s body hadn’t hit the ground before Braxton had charged in, only to witness Kelwyn fall to a well placed sleeping dart, fired by another assassin who had appeared down the norther passage.

The Hellblazers went into overdrive at that moment, with Akkamas sicking Gunter on the northern assassin, while Tim conjured a wind wall that prevented Jone’s attacker from finishing the detective off. The northern assassin, pressed by the warhound, was struck by a fireball thrown from Abraxas, which brought the assassin to death’s door in an instant, but wounded Gunter as well, much the chagrin of the group mage.

Tim, having taken time to awaken Kelwyn and Jone, took aim at the assassins as they glided through the walls, fleeing east.


It seemed the Hellblazers had quite the mystery on their hands, and they had no idea how to solve it. But, between Kelwyn, Jone and Abraxas they discovered a series of panels on the floor, which, when pressed opened up a secret passage in the north, leading them to the the next phase of their quest to find the mysterious Diadem…


What dark magics are underfoot in Xoblob’s Secret Cove? While everyone seeks the Diadem, surely there is something far more sinister at the root of this malefic mystery. The Hellblazers have only scratched the surface. Tune in next week to see if they are able to unravel the diabolical riddle…

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