Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 40: The End is the Beginning

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XL
The End is the Beginning


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), **Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), Tim (Shaun), & Dugan Whitefeather (DM)

hellblazers logo

On behalf of the Hellblazers, Tim delivers a note to Jacinda, the daughter of Jace and Ocasta, and charges her to take it to her father. She wants to take Kelly, the puppy that Kelwyn is masquerading as, with her. Tim gives her a valuable diamond and assures her that he’ll look after the puppy until she returns.

Jace ibn Alhazared,

Tragically, you have already lost your son Jacen.  Your daughters’ lives are now in peril.  There is a conflagration coming to this tower in the immediate future, one we cannot stop.  We are offering safe passage to you and your daughters.

Thousands of years from now you will be our patron in Waterdeep.  The Jace we know would not want any harm to come to his children.

Vecna will be on the verge of becoming a world reaving God. 

We came to this place and time to prevent that from happening.

As a sign of good faith, we sent this note with your youngest instead of taking her and secreting her away.

If you want safe passage meet us in the sink hole by the tower.  You have our word you and yours will not be harmed if it is within our power to prevent it.

We will wait ten minutes.

The Hellblazers


The Hellblazers wait for Jace to arrive, and in due course, he does, with both daughters in tow. He agrees to hide in a nearby cave until they complete their mission. He fears for his wife but knows she will not leave Vecna‘s side.

As Alhazared and his daughters depart, the Hellblazers split into two parties while Dugan heads off alone. While the ranger enters the keep through the ruined access in the southwest corner, Kelwyn, Tim, and Akkamas enter via the sinkhole’s secret passage. Abraxas, Jone, and Braxton head around to the north, accessing the keep through a secret stair that Jace had informed them of.


The Sinkhole Squad inadvertently tripped an alarm on the first floor as the Secret Stair Squad ascended up to the second floor. Spying a trio of large spiders heading toward the spiral stair down, obviously sent to investigate the alarm, Jone, Abraxas, and Braxton made short work of them. Seeing Braxton hacking the spiders to death, Ocasta, who was in the tower with Vecna, ordered Trol’nald Drumpf (a half-troll/ogre), a Glabezru demon, and a Goristro demon to attack.


Dugan turned off the alarm as the Sinkhole Squad raced up the spiral stairs, engaging the demon horde. Braxton attempted to take out Vecna, but the wizard easily evaded his strikes and the paladin quickly exited the room to catch his breath.

Tim and Dugan killed Drumpf, while Jone and Braxton harried the other two demons. Akkamas leveled a Wall of Light, while Kelwyn struck the Whispered One with a Blight spell that withered the wizard, causing him to look more in line with the figure they had faced in Skullport.

Abraxas teleported into the tower, confronting Vecna and keeping him preoccupied, first utilizing a Fall of Fire to damage the villains, then Counterspelling Vecna‘s Banishment attempt.

The Glabezru charged the paladin and occult detective. Successfully grappling Braxton, he hurled him at Jone who deftly dodged out of the way Braxton tumbled down the stairs. Jone helped his friend to his feet as they heard an approach.

Kelwyn had cast Confusion, befuddling both Vecna and Ocasta. While the wizard was confounded, Ocasta raced off wildly. She staggered down the stair headed right for Braxton and Jone. The paladin struck out with his enchanted blade and severed her in two. As she died, the demons she had conjured were cast back into the Abyss.

ocasta dead

Akkamas approached the Whispered One. Vecna was still magically confused. Raising his hands, the warlock unleashed a torrent of fire upon the villain. He screamed out in agony as the flesh was burned from his bones.


vecna dead

With Vecna finally vanquished, Abraxas stepped forward and trapped the fiend’s soul in an Arcane Locket.

Tim slipped into what appeared to be Jace and Ocasta‘s bedchamber, uncovering a number of exotic artifacts and treasures. Jone did the same, looting both Ocasta herself and chests tucked away inside the children’s rooms. Abraxas and Kelwyn looked Vecna‘s corpse over pretty well.

The Hellblazers‘ victory felt slightly hollow when they discovered Jace, their old friend and patron, was not waiting for them in the cave after.

He was gone, but they were left confident that they would meet again, many thousands of years in the future. Gathering their loot and belongings, the Hellblazers set out to return to the ruins of Venta Korum, hoping to reunite with Malhavok and be returned home to their proper time.



Acts I and II are now complete. As the Hellblazers approach their third and final act, what changes to their future can they expect to manifest. Only time will tell…

( * ) Played via Skype
( ** ) Absent/Ran by DM
( *** ) Online Play via IM or Email
( + ) Had to leave early
( – ) Arrived late

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