Countdown to Conan Returns!


I had the chance to join Weirded Wonder co-host Keith Beard, Joeseph Simon, and Wally Monk himself for a Conan podcast to celebrate the triumphant return of Paint Monk Library’s Countdown to Conan, where we review the classic Conan run at Marvel.

We talk, of course, about Marvel’s relaunch of the Conan series, the Conan movies and their imitators, and the comic industry in general. I had a blast and was thrilled to have been invited on for the chat.


I am helping to review the classic Marvel run of Conan the Barbarian and, in addition, I am tackling the relaunch of Conan the Barbarian from the House of Ideas and Dynamite’s revamped Red Sonja. You can check out Paint Monk’s Library by clicking here.

Wally’s running a Conan Comic Giveaway from now through May 31st. The prizes are enviable, I assure you. How do you win? By engaging us on site. Chat us up in the comments section of the reviews and you’ve got a chance at getting tapped to receive some cool comics. How cool is that?

Regardless, I hope you check us out. I have really enjoyed revisiting Conan’s earliest Marvel adventures… Hopefully it will inspire you to do the same.

— Bob Freeman

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