Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 38: Time Passages, Part One

Alt-Magic Campaign
Time Passages
, Part One


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva & Gunter (Mike), *Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), & Tim (Shaun)

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The Hellblazers awake from their tumble through Time and Space, instigated by the Lich, Malhavok Mordae Gul, within a modest two-story farmhouse. They are being tended to by a young woman who tells them that they were found unconscious in Deadwood by her husband some thirteen hours previous.

The party feels refreshed and more vital, with clear minds and understanding.

ocastaKelwyn notices something about the woman, something familiar. The others see it too. The woman is Ocasta. She tells them they are outside the ruins of Venta Korum, a short time after the nation of Korum‘s collapse following its apocalyptic war with the Goblin King, Ronnoc Nameerf.

After sending her children out to play, Ocasta encourages the Hellblazers to go outside for some much needed sunlight as well. In agreement they step outside and meet Ocasta‘s husband…a very young Jace ibn Alhazared, noting that their children look nothing like him, but like someone else altogether — Malhavok.

Our heroes are understandably confused by all of these revelations, especially considering they are 5000 years in their world’s past.

Jace explained how he came to find them, unconscious in the strange wood, a necklace laying there with them that he recognized as belonging to Malhavok. Braxton took it, casting identify on the jewelry, and discovering it had a magic tied to it that allowed its location to be known by the person attuned to it at all times. Jace wanted no part in it and turned it over to the paladin freely. Then Jace shared his tale of how he came to Venta Korum.

He said that he had been a slave in Grimsom’r, and was liberated by a band of heroes who brought down the Pyramid of the Dark Sun in a battle with the Red Witch and the Mad Pharaoh. The group’s wizard, Thurston the Great, had left behind a minor spellbook, and Jace had studied it as he journeyed across the Freelands and into Korum. It was in the North, in the Duchy of House Kraven, that Jace had met Ocasta.

She was living in her grandmother’s tower, within the Icewood Forest near the Crossed Swords Coast. Malhavok was a frequent visitor, being intrigued by Jocasta‘s impressive library of magical tomes. He arranged for them to move to Venta Korum, purchasing the farm for them in exchange for the library. He had been a close confidant ever since.


Jace planned to postpone his travel to Connor’s Mill so that he could introduce the Hellblazers to Malhavok the next day, but Braxton convinced him to go as planned, asking him to procure a bag of diamond dust for their use, turning over 1100gp in gems to the man.

Abraxas took his leave of the party, wishing to investigate a Vistani encampment nearby, while the rest ventured to the Deadwood hoping to discover some clues as to their mysterious arrival.

Both of these ventures proved as earthshattering as the meeting of Jace and Ocasta.

Abraxas approached the Vistani open handed and in good faith, helped considerably by him sharing his connection to the Ralpartha Clan in the Shadowfell. He noticed however, a familiar face among them — a young dancing girl, who had been tending to the horses, was none other than the vampire he had inadvertently freed in the Silvermane Crypt beneath House Chabbone in Daggervale, but before he could act, he received a message from his compatriots. His presence was needed in Deadwood.


The rest of the Hellblazers had entered the magical Deadwood, noting an unnatural darkness surrounding and enveloping it. Within its darkness, they could not see or hear outside it. They discovered a beautiful women inside, searching for spell components in the muckish earth. She too was recognized, by Braxton, as Taleeb, a Dragon Priestess of Tiamat.

adairShe told them of her patron and of how the fallen city was now controlled by a warlord sworn to Tiamat’s service — General Adair Silvermane.

As Jone and Braxton joined her at her fire, Akkamas called Abraxas back to the fold, but Tim, who had exited the wood, was roused by riders hard-pressed for the castle: an army of Giants, Orcs, and Goblins was approaching, laden down with siege engines and sour dispositions.

The Hellblazers prepared for battle…

to be continued


Our recap’s not over. Tune in tomorrow as we reveal what transpired when the giants army came calling…


( * ) Played via Skype
( ** ) Absent/Ran by DM
( *** ) Online Play via IM or Email
( + ) Had to leave early
( – ) Arrived late

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