Lion & Dragon — An ‘Authentic’ Medieval RPG

As many of you know, we’ve been working on a new campaign setting for our gaming club, with major rule changes to make for a more authentic “medieval” experience. Well, a lot of that has been shelved thanks to our discovery of RPGPundit’s Lion & Dragon.

226021Lion & Dragon is a Medieval Authentic OSR game. Until now, you only thought you were playing “medieval fantasy”!

With Lion & Dragon, the rules of the original tabletop RPG have been adapted to create a more historically authentic medieval experience, to reflect the grittier and yet more mythic world of a magical medieval Europe.

L&D includes new rules governing social class and materials on culture to help a GM craft a world that feels closer to the world of the 100-years war or the War of the Roses. It has a grittier and more dangerous feel to reflect the cheapness of life at the time. Also included are sections on medieval economics, law & justice, and chapters with monsters and magical items based on authentic medieval legends. Finally, a completely revamped magic system is based on actual grimoire-magic as the medieval magicians really envisioned it.

From the creator of Dark Albion, Lion & Dragon will have you discovering real medieval fantasy for the very first time.

(Publisher’s note : Lion & Dragon is a complete OSR game in itself. However, even if you prefer to stick with traditional fantasy RPGs featuring dwarves, elves, spellcasters, and the like, L&D can still provide a lot of options that will help you give much flavor to a more usual campain world. For example, the sections on alchemy, herbal medicines, poisons, or law & justice, could be imported in any other fantasy game.)


This is what we’ve been working toward and it seems that RPGPundit beat us to the punch. From what we’ve read so far, this is really close to what we were aiming for. It’s well written, well researched, and the mechanics are intuitive and immersive.

Now we’ll be able to take some of the more campaign-centric things we’ve dreamed up and marry them to this system creating the exact campaign we’ve been working toward.

While this isn’t really review as much as a “thumbs up”, I would encourage you to track down a copy. It is readily available via drivethrurpg for a very reasonable price.

I will give a more thorough review of the book once I’ve had a chance to live with it a little bit.

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