Alt-Magic Recap — Episode 36: Blood Will Have Blood

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XXXVI
Blood Will Have Blood


Abraxas Silvermane & Littlecrow (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva & Gunter (Mike), *Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), Tim (Shaun), & Havel the Roc (DM)

hellblazers logo

Abraxas devised a way for the Hellblazers to teleport directly to the Eye of Vecna utilizing Akkamas‘ connection to the Sword of Kas. As the Sword reached out toward the Eye, it delivered a mental image to the warlock. The wizard then tapped into that image via a detect thoughts spell and used that knowledge, in conjunction with his keen mind feat, to home in on the Eye’s true location, deep in the bowels of Undermountain.

The teleportation, however, went slightly askew as powerful magics prevented the party from appearing inside the chamber itself…

Instead, the Hellblazers found themselves in a neglected storage room, where an old adversary, the elusive Elspeth, was found chained, surrounded by dead rats. Freeing her, it was discovered she had been turned into a vampire.

Elspeth agreed to “play nice” for one minute, but then she would expect to be fed.


Meanwhile, the party uncovered a band of vampire thralls led by an elven vampire named Lord Valkor. Abraxas, altering his aura to appear as a lawful evil undead attempted to parley with the vampire lord, hoping to gain some valuable intelligence. While it was learned they were Vecna worshipers, Elspeth betrayed the party to them and a battle ensued.

The wizard was able to severely damage the lot of the fiends with a new spell, Fall of Fire, while the rest of the party then made short work of them… all save Valkor himself.

The vampire lord levied some brutal attacks on the party, particularly against Abraxas and Braxton. As the party gathered around the central crypt, prepared to face off against him, Valkor instead fled.

The Hellblazers were set to debate their next course when the crypt erupted and a figure rose up from its confines, asking, “Who dares to disturb the final rest of Malhavok Mordae Gul?”


Malhavok, of course, was an ancient wizard and the former vizier to King Robrent of Korum several thousand years before. Now, appearing quite undead and lich-like, the party faces yet another conundrum.


And thus another chapter in the Hellblazers’ adventures came to a close… Is Malhavok friend or foe? What does this portend in their quest to destroy the Eye of Vecna? We’ll find out the answers to all this and more next Thursday…


( * ) Played via Skype
( ** ) Absent/Ran by DM
( *** ) Online Play via IM or Email
( + ) Had to leave early
( – ) Arrived late

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