Do you have what it takes to claim the Iron Throne?


Here’s a few more sneak peeks for upcoming A Song of Ice & Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game units. Here we see the box art for Night’s Watch Conscripts and Lannister Poor Fellows. These will most likely be very low cost units, mainly to even out one’s army build. Sometimes you end up a point or two shy of your opponent. This allows you to field more evenly.

We also see the art for the much anticipated Tully Cavaliers. Straight up, I have a lust for cavalry and these will certainly bolster your Stark forces, making a nice compliment to the Stark Outriders. I expect them to be on par with the Lannister Knights of Casterly Rock.

We’ve also been treated to a nice image of Joffrey Baratheon who will be appearing in the forthcoming Lannister Heroes II release.

But that is all in the near future. Time now to concern ourselves with more pressing matters. The fate of the realm is at stake…

Bordermen Games, in conjunction with the Oak Hill RPG Club, is proud to announce our very first Song of Ice & Fire Event.


It is a time of war…

YOU will command a randomly determined army against all foes until only one army remains. Do you have what it takes to win the Iron Throne?

This is a great opportunity to learn a brilliant, tactical wargame, and quite possibly become the first crowned tournament champion.

$10 entry fee. Winner earns $20, a themed prize, and bragging rights.

So, who’s with me? Armor up and charge on!

And, yes, there will be homemade chili, brats, drinks, and more…

The Hand of the King Tournament will be held Saturday, April 13, from 1-6pm at the Eastern Woodland Carvers Club, 101 S. Jefferson St. Converse, Indiana.

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