Alt-Magic Campaign Recap — Episode 35: Lambs to the Slaughter

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XXXV
Lambs to the Slaughter


Abraxas Silvermane,  Littlecrow, & Havel the Roc (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), *Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), and Tim (Shaun)

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vecnaVecna is risen and the Hellblazers are stunned as the God-Lich raises the dead all around them — Xanathar as a Death Tyrant, Eshaedra as a Blue Draco-lich, and Arianna, their trusted companion, as one of the shambling undead.

The party finds themselves spread out, with Akkamas, Tim, and Jone closest to Vecna himself, and Braxton, Kelwyn, and Littlecrow beset by Xanathar, while their companions, Jace ibn Alhazared and Butcher Moore were tasked with the undead dragon and the risen cleric. Abraxas, of course, sacrificed himself to bring down the Beholder and Ocasta earlier, removing one of their most powerful allies from the battle ahead.

Akkamas calls upon the Sword of Kas, but it pleads for the warlock to flee. They are not ready to face a horror such as this. After a brief, desperate exchange, the warlock was put down, his bones reduced to jelly.

Meanwhile, Jone and Tim retreated to the ruin of One Eye Inn and helped their companions defeat Xanathar while Butcher and Jace took down Arianna and fled from the dragon. Jace used the opportunity to heal Akkamas from a distance before being slain by Vecna for his trouble. The warlock fled into the Inn, rejoining the Hellblazers just as Eshaedra came crashing down, ripping the roof asunder, prepared to attack.

Jone turned the draco-lich, but then it seemed Vecna had had enough. He raised himself before them and created a terrible eldritch storm above their heads.
Then, before those energies could be unleashed, they were whisked away — snatched and deposited inside a chamber somewhere deep in the bowels of Undermountain. Above them stood Abraxas and a curiously deranged wizard — Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage himself.
Abraxas explained how after his retributive strike against Ocasta he was plunged into Hell. Injured, he himself away in a cave where he was aided by a boy, Demitri Cassalanter.
The boy had been sacrificed to Asmodeus by his power-hungry parents, then used as a peace offering between the dark one and a demon prince. Demitri then escaped with the demon’s aid, stealing a valuable spellbook from Asmodeus in the process. Cassalanter was given a runic mark that would transport him back to Waterdeep if he could only find a spellcaster able to activate it.
Abraxas did so, casting knock three times, and they found themselves in The Book Wyrm’s Treasure, not far from Trollskull. They overhear a brief exchange between Rishaal the Page-Turner and Victoro Cassalanter, then, as the former Lord of Waterdeep leaves, Abraxas entered and charged the dragonborn to take the boy to the Hellblazers’ Magick Shoppe for safe keeping.
Halaster then appeared and brought Abraxas back to Undermountain in time to help save his companions.
Halaster promised the Hellblazers “safe-passage” throughout his subterranean lair in exchange for them defeating Vecna by destroying the Eye, which is stored in Malhavoksdoom, thus weakening the Whispered One and allowing him to be vanquished once and for all.
The Hellblazers agree and take a long (and much needed) rest.

And thus another chapter in the Hellblazers’ adventures came to a close… Still tasked with delving deep into Undermountain, their adversary has changed but not their goal. While they be able to complete their quest? The journey begins anew next Thursday…


( * ) Played via Skype
( ** ) Absent/Ran by DM
( *** ) Online Play via IM or Email
( + ) Had to leave early
( – ) Arrived late

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