New Miniatures Sets Come to A Song of Ice & Fire


As we eagerly await the release of February’s new miniatures, including the Free Folk and Savage Giants, CMON is offering several new sets of minis for its A Song of Ice & Fire:  Tabletop Miniatures Game, all priced at $29.99, as well as Game Night Kit #02 for a mere $20 as we stalk into Spring.

Releasing on March 29 are:

  • Stark Heroes II includes miniatures for six Stark personalities:  Syrio Farel, Arya Stark, Meera, Jojen Reed, Rickon Stark, and his direwolf Shaggydog, and Osha.
  • The Lannister Heroes II set has seven of the King’s Guard, each with their own special abilities, including an alternate Jaime Lannister, as well as King Joffrey Baratheon.
  • House Lannister also receives The Warrior’s Sons as reinforcements.  These devoted warriors serve the High Septon, using their Faith as a weapon.
  • The Cave Dweller Savages join the Free Folk.  These uncivilized berserkers wield whatever they can find with little regard for their own survival.


The Game Night Kit #02, also set to be released on March 29, is designed to assist retailers who want to host an in-store event to support the game.  The kit includes 24 alternate sculpt models (12 Conscripts and 12 Spearwives), 8 dice bags, and two sets of measuring sticks themed to the Night’s Watch and the Free Folk.  The kit also includes extra promotional materials for the participants and the event coordinator.

We have enjoyed the game immensely, and these additional units will only add to an already impressive assembly of wargame miniatures.

The best part is, there are so many more factions available for CMON to mine. The future looks very bright for this game going forward.

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