40 Years


On Christmas Morning, 1978, I was blessed to receive a wealth of presents from my parents. I vividly recall Star Wars toys, Hardy Boys books, an enviable stack of comics, and more. But one thing stands out above the rest because of its lasting impact — The Basic Dungeons & Dragons boxset.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact I’ve been playing this game now for forty years (and counting). While I was a storyteller before I ever picked up the game, it was through Dungeons & Dragons that I honed my yarnspinning skills.

It was also through Dungeons & Dragons that I built lifelong friendships. Forty years later, and I’m still playing D&D with many of the same guys I slung dice with in those thrilling days of yesteryear.

More importantly, it is a gift I was able to pass on to my son and whose passion and love for the game nearly rivals my own as a result.

I cannot overstate the importance this game has had on me as a person and as a creator.


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