Alt-Magic Campaign: Down in a Hole

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XXVII: Down in a Hole


Abraxas Silvermane & Littlecrow (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance & Qoal the Porter (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), **Tim (Shaun), Wilbough (DM) & Arianna (DM)

hellblazers logo

The Hellblazers decide the Sword of Kas would best be served by Akkamas and they allow for him to spend two hours preparing himself and attuning to the artifact. After a bit of exploration, our heroes agree to descend into the great rift they discovered south of the Pillar Forest. Abraxas cast Drider Climb and crawled ahead of the party who rode down on a magic carpet.

The adventurers found themselves in a sewer some 100 feet below the first level of Undermountain. Hearing goblin speech, the Hellblazers pressed toward the sound, coming to a large, murky pool. Kelwyn entered the water, transmorphing into a crocodile. He quickly encountered a Water Naga that he and his companions dealt with handily.


Pressing on, the party came to bared doors, behind which the could hear the goblins speaking fearfully of intruders and that they needed to muster a response. Jone opened the door with mage hand and Abraxas created an illusory devil to strike terror into the hearts of a small goblin horde while the rest of the party rained hellfire down upon them. The few survivors hid away in the human-sized coffins of the ancient crypt.

Kelwyn and Jone spoke with the goblins, learning that the Hellblazers were not the intruders the goblins feared, that their clan had been more than a hundred strong and this other adventuring party devastated them, wiping out the vast majority of them.

Pressing on to investigate, our heroes stumbled upon a the other party in question. These ‘adventurers’ were quick to attack, with their wizard dropping a massive fireball that dealt a serious blow to the Hellblazers.


Scrambling to recover, the party was able to kill the opposing wizard and two of his henchmen, but then Wilbough, Abraxas, and Braxton were cut off from the rest of their companions when a teleporting assassin put up a wall of force.

While the cutthroat’s spell was disrupted when his concentration dropped, their adversary’s other spellcaster was quick to raise another.

Things were not going well, and then they became decidedly worse when the dead wizard and henchmen rose up, lurching toward the party.



And thus another chapter in the Hellblazers’ adventures came to a close…and on a decidedly unwelcome cliffhanger to boot.


( * ) Played via Skype
( ** ) Absent/Ran by DM
( *** ) Online Play via IM or Email
( + ) Had to leave early
( – ) Arrived late

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