Alt-Magic Campaign: Here Be Dragons!

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XXIV: Here Be Dragons!


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), Tim Chainbreaker (Shaun), Toman (Mason), Velius (Paul), and Ziyal (Joy)

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A knock at the door of the Hellblazers’ Trollskull Manor brings grim tidings. Furlong appears in a state of distress — besides learning that his uncle was killed by Xoblob and replaced, he overhead news that Ocasta was still in the city. Akkamas, Braxton, Toman, and Ziyal went to investigate, with Littlecrow following invisibly along to keep and eye on them and report to Abraxas should things go south.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party receive news an hour later from their neighbor, the dragonborn proprietor of the BookWyrm, that Miranda Herron has been skrying them and that she knows that Neverember‘s dragon horde is hidden beneath her inn, the Blue Herron House. He gifts them a wand that discovers secret doors and wishes them luck as they race to recover the treasure on behalf of the Blackstaff — but not before Jone collects an eye and hand from Renaer Neverember’s corpse.


The Hellblazers arrive at the Inn, finding it largely unoccupied save for a few obvious goons. They were hired to keep the Hellblazers from following into the bowels of the Blue Herron. They failed in their task as the party made short work of them — killing three and causing two to flee. Abraxas then used the wand, revealing a secret door through the fireplace.

Beyond they found a crypt, obviously disturbed, presumably by Miranda and her cohorts. Moving onward, the Hellblazers came to the Vault of the Dragon. Beyond its portcullis, they could make out three corpses, one being that of Miranda Herron. Above them stood an adult Gold Dragon, lording over piles of gold coins beyond imagining.


Abraxas, Jone, Tim, and Wilbough all succumbed to the dragon’s Frightful Presence, but Kelwyn stood his ground. He made note of three symbols above the portcullis — a triangle, a nine point star, and a five point star.

The dragon told Kelwyn that if he possessed the three keys then the treasure was his.

The rest of the Hellblazers came to terms with their fear and returned to Kelwyn‘s side.

Abraxas used Legend Lore to discover that Neverember had raised the dragon from a hatchling, slowly adding to the stolen gold coins for the wyrm’s nest.

Kelwyn retrieved the eye and hand, placing them on the five point star and triangle. That left the nine point star and the wish. Kelwyn turned to Tim, who possessed a wish ring, but he refused to use it on their behalf, claiming he had only come to kill Miranda and since she was already dead, his purpose her was ended.

Abraxas called for him to come back, to use the ring to open the barrier. Tim again refused — unless the wizard was willing to offer up his staff in return. Abraxas scoffed at this ‘request’, calling the staff a part of his soul. He then declared the elf selfish like the rest of his race and the rogue stormed off.

Kelwyn reached out telepathically and begged Tim to reconsider. Tim agreed if Abraxas apologized which the wizard did. Tim gave the ring to Kelwyn who completed the keys.

Gaining entry, Wilbough presented his portable hole to haul out the treasure, but Tim called out his distrust of the halfling, that it was foolish to believe the diminutive rogue wouldn’t just teleport away once he had the treasure.

Kelwyn drew his blade, placing it at the halfling’s throat, demanding his loyalty. Wilbough turned the portable hole over to Kelwyn. Kelwyn said he never trusted Wilbough. Wilbough replied, “That’s a shame, because until now, I always trusted you.”\

The party collected the treasure and returned to Trollskull, but not before Tim examined Miranda‘s body more closely. She was feigning death and he slit her throat to ensure she would never bother them again.



And thus another chapter in the Hellblazers’ adventures came to a close… Next up — Undermountain!


( * ) Played via Skype
( ** ) Absent/Ran by DM
( *** ) Online Play via IM or Email
( + ) Had to leave early
( – ) Arrived late

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