Alt-Magic Campaign: One Step Ahead of the Devil

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XXIII: One Step Ahead of the Devil


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Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), & Braxton Chabbone (Steve)

Communing with the Stone, Abraxas learned that three keys were needed to open the Vault of Dragons, located beneath the Blue Heron House, where their nemesis Miranda Heron holds court. The identity of the three keys, the Stone revealed, could be found hidden in the grasp of the Swordmaiden, one Waterdeep’s Walking Statues. Abraxas, Akkamas, and Braxton chose to investigate while Jone and Kelwyn went to work creating healing potions and Tim went off in search of their missing comrade, Toman.


Making their way through the market, Abraxas (along with a recently resurrected Littlecrow), Akkamas, and Braxton took notice that they were being followed by members of the Xanathar Guild. They were quick to learn that the Zhentarim were also milling through the crowd as well.

Deciding to use this to their advantage, Braxton pitted the two forces against one another while they pressed on toward the Swordmaiden, crossing the Endcliff Canal Bridge into Old Tarsar. Something was not right however as they suddenly found themselves in the midst of a Cassalanter ambush.


A young merchant girl, Osan Glit, helped them to escape along a narrow canal trail with several of the Cassalanter‘s goons hounding them. However, Victoro and Ammalia, in a fit of desperation, conjured a devil in the middle of the market square and sent it after the trio of adventurers.


Working feverishly, they dispatched the goons in a desperate bid to secure the identity of the three keys, finding them writ upon a scroll hidden inside the gem of a ring on the Swordmaiden‘s middle finger.

The scroll read:

3 keys

As the devil landed in their midst, Abraxas quickly aparated them away to the safety of Ocasta’s Lair

They now knew the location of the Vault of Dragons and the identity of the “three keys” necessary to unlock it. All that was left was to gather the Hellblazers together and make their way to the Blue Heron House.

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